New Service Allows Drivers To Make Cellular Calls Through Voice- Activated Dialing

First of its kind in Columbus area for cellular phones

Columbus, Ohio, January 15, 1996

For further information, contact:

David Kandel, Ameritech, 614/223-6226Kristi Barnhill, Ameritech Cellular Services, 513/768-6807

Dialing a number on a cellular phone is now as simple as saying it, thanks to a new service called VoiceSelect from Ameritech Cellular Services. The new service is now available in central and southwestern Ohio.

VoiceSelect enables cellular phone users to create a directory of 20 personalized listings. The calls are activated by an individual's voice command. For example, by pressing two digits and using voice commands such as "Call office" or "Call attorney," VoiceSelect will initiate dialing and place the call for you, all hands-free. VoiceSelect also accepts number and command imprints in different languages.

"VoiceSelect will not only make using a cellular phone more convenient on the road, but it will also enhance safety," said Thomas P. Adams, regional vice president and market manager for Ameritech Cellular Services in Columbus. "We always encourage mobile cellular users to keep their eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel when placing calls. VoiceSelect makes it easier to do just that."

In addition to the 20 stored commands, users can also voice-dial a number by saying "Dial" and stating the number. Access codes allow customers to activate automated systems, such as voice mail back at the office, without pressing any additional keys once the automated system answers.

No special equipment is needed to activate VoiceSelect, just Ameritech Cellular service.

The service is now available in the Ameritech Cellular "home" coverage area and costs $4.95 per month. Interested parties can call 800-MOBILE-1 (800-662-4531) to get more information or to order the service.

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