New digital cell phones access advanced features, extend usefulness

DALLAS -- March 25, 1996 -- Two new digital cellular telephones that can take advantage of advanced cellular features were introduced today by Lucent Technologies at the CTIA Wireless '96 trade show here.

Designed by Bell Laboratories and manufactured by Lucent Technologies, the two telephones support network features such as Short Message Service, Caller ID, Message Waiting Indication, Privacy, Sleep Mode and anti-fraud Authentication where available from cellular service providers.

The cellular phones, which will be available later this year from dealers, retailers and cellular service providers, meet the IS-136 standard set for digital cellular communications and utilize the Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol.

"Cellular service companies throughout the nation are upgrading their networks to provide cellular telephone users with more features, bringing added value to their customers," said Lew Chakrin, vice president of Lucent Technologies Consumer Products. "These new telephones complete that value objective."

The Digital Portable Telephone 6730, through its Bell Labs-patented on-screen instructions, provides users with easy access to advanced network and phone features. The 6730 telephone has a flip-style design that's comfortable to use and incorporates a large, bright display, optimum keypad layout and a retractable antenna.

The Digital Portable Telephone 6720 is an entry-level alternative to the 6730 telephone. It has a contoured, stylish design, smaller display and a fixed antenna. It provides the same simple access to advanced features as the 6730 telephone.

Both phones are dual mode so they can be used with analog or digital service. They are supported by a complete line of accessories that enhance their performance, such as a hands-free car kit, optional batteries, chargers and carrying cases.

Since most cellular telephones are sold as part of a cellular service contract, prices will vary, depending on the terms of the contract.

The phones also have a Bell Laboratories-patented authentication feature, commonly referred to as an "A-key", as a defense against cellular telephone fraud. The phone sends a unique code to the cellular service each time a call is placed. If the cellular service does not recognize the unique code, it will block completion of the call.

Lucent Technologies is the new systems and technology company that will be spun off from AT&T as part of AT&T's previously announced restructuring.