Microsoft Phone

Microsoft Phone turns your computer into a versatile speakerphone, answering machine, and fax -- so you can be more responsive and professional at work.

Microsoft Phone mades up of ...... Microsoft Phone [ ] and Microsoft Voice [ ].

Microsoft Phone

You can .... Create a centralized message center in your home or office. Master the most complex phone tasks in seconds. Discover how productive you can by maximizing the MS Phone. Enhance your professional image.
Below are some of the features that are offer in this Microsoft Phone software.

How I can use Microsoft Voice?

You can :

Specifications To use Microsoft Phone and Microsoft Voice, You need: Personal computer with a 486/33SX or higher processor Microsoft Windows 95 operating system 8 MB of memory An additional 4 MB memory recommended for use of Microsoft Voice Typical hard-disk space required : 9MB Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device Windows 95-compatible voice/data/fax modem Audio card (if your modem does not have audio capability)

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