Phone Blaster™ 28.8 PnP

The all-in-one PC communications management system.

Phone Blaster™ 28.8 PnP is a comprehensive multimedia communications system that sets a new standard for performance, convenience and ease of use.

Microsoft® Phone lets you create a centralized message center, complete with speakerphone, answering machine and fax capabilities. So you can be as productive away from your PC as you are in front of it. Use the SuperVoice 2.2b™ (for DOS/Win 3.x) application to set up voicemail/email mailboxes, transfer large files or send faxes from your computer at mind-tingling 28.8 Kbps speeds. Plug-and-Play compatibility makes installation a snap. What's more, the included full-duplex speakerphone and genuine Sound Blaster® 16 audio provides crystal-clear, hands-free conversations.

Transform your business PC into a complete multimedia communications center with Phone Blaster 28.8 PnP today.

Turn your PC into the complete multimedia communications center

Features and Specifications


Telephone Management

Data/Fax Modem

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Power Amplifier


Onboard connectors

Modem Resource Selection

CT3220 audio/modem card specifications

Bundled Software

Microsoft® Phone [ ] (Windows 95)
from Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Phone turns your computer into a versatile speakerphone, answering machine and fax, to help you improve your productivity. Create a centralized message center or even master the most complex phone tasks.

SuperVoice 2.2b [ ] (Windows 3.1)
from Pacific Image Communications, Inc.

SuperVoice 2.2b for Windows is a comprehensive application that provides voice, fax and data communications. Create up to 1000 voicemail boxes, 99 fax-on-demand folders and a personal BBS. Also included are music-on-hold and Caller ID features.

WebPhone™ [ ]
from NetSpeak Corporation

WebPhone is the professional, full featured Internet telephone with integrated voicemail that provides telephone quality, real-time, full duplex, point-to-point voice communication. Talk to anyone, anywhere on earth without incurring any long distance charges.

Microsoft® Internet Explorer (Windows 95)
from Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Internet Explorer unlocks the potential of the Internet by opening the Web to great new content, providing the best browser performance, and with as much ease as using Windows 95.

Creative's family of audio titles --

Enjoy maximum results from standard-setting Sound Blaster 16 technology with Creative Multimedia Deck™, Creative WaveStudio™, and Creative Soundo'LE™.

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