Nokia announces plans to utilize Java technologies

(May 29, 1996) Nokia, the global telecommunications group, announced today at JavaOne, Sun Microsystems Incīs Java developer conference that it will apply Sunīs JavaOS technology in its future telecommunications products.

JavaOS is a highly compact operating system designed to run Java applications directly on micro-processors in anything from net computers to cell phones. A dynamically extensible operating environment, JavaOS brings the design advantages of Java programming language to an operating system. JavaOS will run equally well on a network computer, a wireless terminal, a printer, a game machine, a mobile telephone, or countless other devices that require a very compact OS and the ability to run Java.

"Nokia looks forward to utilizing Java in its telecommunications terminals and system infra-structure solutions. We see that JavaOS makes it possible to apply Java in embedded systems in ways not possible with traditional technology. The Java platform supports Nokiaīs strategy of advancing major multimedia and Internet standards. As a leading technology company, Nokia can utilize Java and JavaOS in a great variety of residential and business multimedia solutions", said Professor Juhani Kuusi, Head of Nokia Research Center about Nokiaīs decision to endorse the new JavaOS technology.

Nokia Research Center, as the corporate research unit of the Nokia Group, develops technologies and core competencies in areas crucial to Nokia's success, including tele-communications, audio-visual signal processing, software and electronics. The Center's main focus is on GSM enhancement and third-generation cellular systems, broadband communications and multimedia. The Research Center has laboratories in Helsinki and Tampere in Finland as well as in Dallas and Boston in the United States.