Nokia announces $100 million contract with AT&T Wireless Services

IRVING, Texas -- August 5, 1996 -- Nokia (NOK.A), the world's second largest manufacturer of cellular and wireless phones, today announced it has signed a contract with AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. (AWS) valued at more than $100 million for cellular handsets.

Nokia will supply AWS with Nokia-branded analog and digital mobile phones for distribution in the United States. The phones will be manufactured at Nokia's facilities in Fort Worth, Texas.

In March, Nokia announced the first available dual mode AMPS/TDMA phone, the Nokia 2160, designed to work on the new IS-136 TDMA digital cellular network. AWS is the first carrier to implement IS-136 TDMA digital features into their existing TDMA networks. The phone supports new IS-136 network features such as call forwarding, calling line identification, call waiting, selective call acceptance, short message service and voice privacy. Nokia's world leading user interface, like that of the Nokia 2160, will help users to enjoy the benefits of the new, advanced digital features.

"We are pleased to continue our relationship with the AT&T family of companies," said Kari-Pekka Wilska, president of Nokia Inc. "AWS's implementation of IS-136 TDMA network features represents a major step in the industry's effort to deliver the benefits of digital wireless service to the growing number of mobile subscribers."

Finland-based Nokia is an international telecommunications company with 1995 net sales of $8.4 billion. Nokia is Europe's largest manufacturer of mobile telephones, a pioneer in digital switching and wireless communications, and a significant supplier of advanced access systems including home terminals. Nokia shares are traded in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NOK.A. The shares are also traded in Helsinki, Stockholm, London, Paris and Frankfurt.

Nokia is the title sponsor of the Nokia Sugar Bowl college football classic held annually in New Orleans.