First GSM-based communicator product hits the market

Nokia Starts Sales of the Nokia 9000 Communicator

(August 15, 1996) Nokia 9000 Communicator, the new-generation communications device developed by Nokia Mobile Phones, will enter major GSM markets during the coming weeks. First shipments started as planned on Thursday, August 15. Initially, the device will be for sale in countries with high cellular penetration and GSM networks supporting advanced services, such as wireless data transmission. The Nokia 9000 Communicator will be sold in limited quantities across all major GSM countries in a few weeks time.

The Nokia 9000 Communicator provides a wide range of mobile communications services as well as personal organiser functions. The product combines a GSM phone with applications like fax, e-mail, short messaging and Internet access. It also includes the most useful organizer functions; a calendar, an address book and a calculator. All of this is available in a sophisticated, pocket-sized unit.

- The Nokia 9000 is a major step for Nokia in the area of cellular data products and demonstrates our leadership in the area of wireless data communications, says Reijo Paajanen, Vice President at Nokia Mobile Phones, and head of the Cellular Data unit. - Nokia was the first to supply the cellular data card to connect laptop computers and cellular telephones. Now, after a couple of years of intensive efforts, we are again the first to provide end users with this revolutionary product.

Considerable interest aroused in GSM markets

- The launch of the Nokia 9000 Communicator at the CeBit trade fair last March caused a stir in the media, among potential customers as well as service and software companies all over the world. This strong response shows that there is a wide need for this kind of integrated communications device. For the first time, unique voice and data functionality are available in a pocketable-sized unit, Paajanen states. - In addition, there has been considerable interest from companies who wish to optimize the Communicator to serve their specific customer needs, adds Paajanen.

Nokia has launched a new range of GSM products during the last year. The range of new product introductions includes an improved version of the award-winning handportable, the Nokia 2110. The sophisticated Nokia 6080 car phone started selling in the beginning of 1996, and in February, the Nokia 1610 handset was launched for the fast emerging consumer segment. In June, the product range was complemented with the introduction of the Nokia 8110, the lightest and smallest GSM phone on the market. Starting now, the Nokia 9000 Communicator creates a totally new dimension in mobile communications.