AT&T Wireless Services launches innovative new website

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- August 29, 1996 -- Internet users can now visit AT&T Wireless Services' new website located at The site provides in-depth information on AT&T Wireless Services' products and capabilities, as well as useful on-line utilities and promotions.

Upon visiting the site, users are given the option to either surf the site by themselves, or use one of four hosts that guide the user through the site and demonstrate how AT&T Wireless technology can help them fulfill their communication needs. Areas covered in the site include the Wireless Data, Messaging/Paging, Aviation Communication and Cellular divisions. Each division includes coverage maps, rate plans, equipment information, frequently asked questions, retail center locations, new product and service announcements.

Users can also participate in the Random Pager Contest. The winners of the contest automatically receive an alphanumeric pager, three months of AT&T Wireless Services' local messaging service, including activation costs, and free AT&T Wireless Services' MessageFlash™ alphanumeric paging software. MessageFlash allows users to send pages to any AT&T customer from their computer.

From the website, users can send numeric and alphanumeric messages to any AT&T Wireless Services messaging customer in all of the AT&T Wireless markets across the United States. In addition, the MessageFlash software can be downloaded for free.

Users are also eligible to receive a free three-minute inflight calling card from the Aviation Communication division. The card can be used on airlines for which AT&T Wireless Services provides services including: Air France, Alaska, American, Austrian, Canadian, Delta, Iberian, KLM, Lauda, Lufthansa, Northwest, SAS, Southwest, SwissAir, Delta International fleet, Air Gabon and Kuwait.

Additionally, the site features the most recent job postings available at AT&T Wireless Services from around the country.

Future plans for the site include interactive customer care and the ability to purchase AT&T Wireless Services' products and plans on-line.