Psion releases Rapid Application Development environment for EPOC16 handheld platform

OVAL supports Oracle Mobile Agents

Sep 23 1996

Psion Software PLC, world leaders in ROM-based computing platforms, today announced a Rapid Application Development environment for their EPOC16 platform. OVAL (Object-based Visual Application Language) is a Microsoft Visual Basic-compatible development environment and is available for EPOC16 platforms from Psion.

OVAL is a complete development environment which runs under Windows on a PC. It allows developers to write programs on EPOC16-based platforms such as the Psion Workabout and recently-announced Psion Series 3c, using the industry standard Microsoft Visual Basic programming language.

The OVAL development environment provides:  

"Developers today expect to use visual, integrated development environments. OVAL provides EPOC16 developers with the tools they need to develop high-quality, visually appealing applications in the shortest possible time" said Simon East, Product Manager at Psion. "Rapid Application Development for EPOC16-based computers is now a reality with OVAL."

OVAL will also support the EPOC16 client for Oracle Mobile Agents [ ] (OMA) announced jointly today by Oracle and Psion Software. This will allow existing Windows OMA applications to be ported to an EPOC16 platform in a matter of days.

OVAL for EPOC16 will begin shipping within 30 days.

The recently-announced EPOC32 platform from Psion, which is being developed for high performance ROM-based computers, will support a 32-bit version of OVAL and is due to be released in Q2 1997.