Developers and Solutions Providers Declare Support for Apple's New Generation of User-Centric Information Appliances

Major Third-Party Support for Newton-Based Mobile Handheld Computers, Licensees Create Vertical Devices Using Newton Technology

Cupertino, Calif. -- Oct. 28, 1996 -- Apple Computer, Inc. today unveiled the first in a new generation of hand-held and mobile computers that leverage the Company's pioneering Newton technology. The MessagePad 2000 and the eMate 300 are user-centric devices designed for business and education, respectively. They are the first products from Apple's Information Appliance Division, and have garnered wide-ranging support from the developer community.

Leading hardware manufacturers are licensing Newton technology to create their own user focused information appliances (see separate press releases). They include: Digital Ocean, Harris and Schlumberger, who will participate with Apple at next month's Comdex show in Las Vegas. Some solutions providers simultaneously announced applications which have been optimized to run on the MessagePad 2000 and the eMate 300. They include: AllPen, Holosoft, Knowledge Revolution, Netstrategy, PelicanWare, Physix, Point-of-Care, Qualcomm, Sunburst and Wright Strategies. In addition, scores of third party Newton developers and solutions providers declared their support for products from Apple's Newton Systems Group. Some of them include: AllPen, Ascribe, Balcones, Bear River, Business Brothers, Callahan Roach Products & Publications, Catamount Software, CHS Systems, Claris Corporation, Compower,Comprehensive Health Services, Concierge, Cyclops Computer Solutions, 3S Datacom, Dayna, DreamSoft, Ltd., Dragon Systems, ETE, Inc., Ex Machina, Farallon, Fastline, Fetch Software, Gaia Software, Geoide Systems, Greenleaf Medical Systems, Green Mountain, GTE Telephone Operations, HealthCare Com., Holosoft, INS, Jay Klein Productions, Joey Technologies, Knowledge Revolution, KPMG, Landware, Lotus, LunaTech, MAR Software, Morgan Media, Inc., Netstrategy, Nomadic Tech., Now Software, NS Basic, Paragone, PDA Construction, PDA Dimensions, PelicanWare, Pen Vision, Personal Power Technologies (Pennon Systems), Phamis, Inc., Physix, PICA, Planet Computing, Point-of-Care, Power Media, Inc., Pythia Communications & Computer GmbH, Radio Mail, Real World Solutions, Revelar, Rindle & Partner, RiverRun, Shana, SilverWARE, Simione Company Inc, Socket Communications, Softcare Clinical Informatics, Sunburst, Stand Alone, Steton Technology, Tactile Systems, TBS Systems, Teamsoft, True North, US Robotics/Megahertz, WalletWare, Wright Strategies, and Wynd Communications.

The MessagePad 2000 and eMate 300 Run the Newton 2.1 Operating System

The Newton 2.1 operating system will support most applications that currently run under Newton 2.0, and has been optimized for the additional features of the MessagePad 2000 and the eMate 300, including voice notes, gray scale screen technology, and a new auto-docking feature.

There are over 250 independent software vendors (ISVs) creating commercial applications for the award-winning Newton 2.0 operating system and over 300 systems integrators and value-added resellers (VARs). A variety of vertical applications have already been developed by third parties which meet specific user needs, including healthcare, field service, transportation, and sales force automation.

The MessagePad 2000 is one of the first to incorporate the new StrongARM processor that delivers unprecedented performance in a hand-held computer. The chip is the result of a collaboration between Digital Equipment Corporation and Advanced RISC Machines (ARM). In separate press releases issued today, both Digital and ARM announced their support for Apple's new information appliances devices. Next week, developers from around the world will be in attendance at Apple's third Newton Technology Conference. The four day conference will take place from November 4 - 7, 1996 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel. Interested parties can find out more by sending email to: or by calling 1-800-865-6380 (from within the U.S.) and (408) 865-6930 from outside the U.S.

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