AT&T Wireless and CBIS sign billing services contract

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- October 30, 1996 -- CBIS today announced it has signed a contract with AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. and the Cellular One Joint Venture for billing and billing-related services through the year 2001.

Given the number of current and potential customers involved from AT&T Wireless Services' leading position in the cellular market and more than thirty 1900 MHz cellular markets, and the long-term nature of the agreement, this contract is extremely significant for CBIS, and is possibly the industry's largest such contract ever.

"We are very pleased to further extend our long-term, strategic relationship with AT&T Wireless Services. We value this vote of confidence in CBIS from an acknowledged world leader in the communications industry and the largest U.S. wireless provider," said Robert J. Marino, president and CEO of CBIS. "This contract recognizes CBIS's commitment to comprehensive solutions which provide integrated customer information management and billing to support AT&T Wireless Services into the twenty-first century."

The contract supports AT&T's strategy of offering customers the option of a single bill for bundles of services. It provides for the transfer of wireless services data processed by CBIS to AT&T's bundled billing system, which can integrate the data on a single AT&T bill for multiple services.

In addition, the scope of the contract is enlarged to include AT&T Wireless Services in the company's newly-acquired 1900 MHz cellular markets, and the contract's length is extended beyond its current expiration date in 1999.

"We're committed to making the billing process simple and easy for our customers," said Maggie Wilderotter, executive vice president, national operations, AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. "Through these modifications, we will maintain consistency and the quality of this important piece of communication with our customers and, at the same time, increase the number of options we can offer customers."

This contract replaces an existing contract, and covers AT&T Wireless Services' cellular markets and the Cellular One Joint Venture which is jointly owned by AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., and AirTouch Communications. It also contains a provision for a further extension for an additional two years.

CBIS has been providing AT&T Wireless Services, and the former McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc., with message management, cellular provisioning, accounts management, customer billing, and on-line access to service order processing and customer information for nearly 14 years. CBIS solutions provide AT&T Wireless Services with a combination of both cellular message rating and data management.

About AT&T Wireless Services

AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., formerly McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc., is the leading provider of wireless communications services in the United States, serving more than 6 million cellular and 980,000 messaging customers, and is a world leader in air-to-ground communication services.

About CBIS

CBIS is Cincinnati Bell Information Systems Inc., the global leader in the provision and management of customer care and billing solutions for the communications industry. CBIS's state-of-the-art data center infrastructure centered in Cincinnati and Orlando, and client sites, produce more than 225,000,000 bills for cable TV, wireless and wireline telephony, and convergent services each year.

CBIS uses its extensive billing systems expertise and service bureau experience to create advantages for leading companies in wireless, wireline, cable, and emerging communications services. CBIS -- a subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell Inc. -- is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer committed to a diverse work force. CBIS's internet address is