AT&T Wireless Services introduces 'Tri-State at Your Home Rate'

PITTSBURGH – April 12, 1997 -- Six months after AT&T Wireless Services launched AT&T Digital PCS and made the nation's 45 million cellular subscribers take note of digital's advanced features and added security, the wireless technology leader is making its premier service offering even better and delivering greater value. In a major sweep, AT&T Wireless is introducing the best possible rate in the tri-state region and tossing in loads of extras in what's sure to be a wake-up call for other carriers.

AT&T Wireless Services' new Tri-State at Your Home Rate Plan allows Pittsburgh Digital PCS customers to use their digital phones anywhere in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio at their home calling rates. This is a significant reduction from the usual low flat roaming rate of $0.60 per minute in AT&T digital rate plans.

AT&T Wireless is also adding value to existing consumer plans starting at $24.99 per month with no activation fee, and including advanced digital features like Caller ID, Voice Mail with Message Waiting Indicator and Detailed Billing at no cost. And, for a limited time, state-of-the-art digital Ericsson DH318 phones will be available for under $100 – the lowest price point offered to date.

"We're delivering the promise of anytime, anywhere communication and making our most technically advanced wireless service the most affordable way to talk where residents travel most," says Dori Marks, director of marketing for AT&T Wireless Services in Pittsburgh. "Our research shows consumers in the Greater Pittsburgh region travel more frequently in these areas. As the region's premier digital provider, we are pleased to introduce the largest home calling area per minute rate plan in three states. We're keeping in step with customer demand," she adds.

According to recent surveys, 17 percent of the entire U.S. population today enjoys the added security and benefits of wireless communications at significantly reduced costs. Since the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) first started surveying in 1987, average monthly phone bills have been cut in half: in December 1996, the average monthly bill was $47.70. This compares to over $98 in 1987.

"With the digital wireless revolution underway, AT&T Wireless will continue to drive the market with enhanced services, exceptional value and advanced features, and back them with the quality the world has come to expect from AT&T. It doesn't get any better!" says Marks. "AT&T Wireless Services is clearly taking the lead."

AT&T Wireless Services is the nation's largest provider of wireless communications, providing cellular, wireless data, aircraft communications and advanced messaging services.