Southwestern Bell Wireless Launches Caller ID in Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas, April 16, 1997

Southwestern Bell's wireless customers can now use Caller ID to see who is calling them before they answer their phone, the company announced today.

Southwestern Bell Wireless, which is the first company in Arkansas to offer Caller ID on a cellular network, believes the demand for wireless Caller ID will soar. Currently, nearly 40 percent of Southwestern Bell's residential customers in Arkansas subscribe to Caller ID.

"Our customers enjoy having the opportunity to use their Caller ID service as an 'electronic peephole' to see who is calling them before they answer their phones," said Adam Vital, vice president and general manager of Southwestern Bell Wireless. "It gives them security and peace of mind because it allows them to make an informed decision before they answer their phone."

Vital added that wireless Caller ID is also great for sales representatives, real estate agents or anyone who's livelihood is tied to on-the-go-communications.

To see incoming telephone numbers, wireless customers must subscribe to Caller ID and purchase a Caller ID display phone. Caller ID is free with some Southwestern Bell Wireless rate plans. On other plans, the monthly cost is $4. Caller ID phones are available at all Southwestern Bell Wireless stores or by calling 1-888-567-6766.

As an introductory offer, for new customers who activate service, Southwestern Bell Wireless is offering a $30 credit, which will appear on the first bill, and free Caller ID service and air-time for incoming calls for 30 days.

"This will undoubtedly be one of our most successful wireless services," said Vital. "Since its introduction in 1990, Caller ID has become the second most popular calling service in the nation, behind Call Waiting."

Southwestern Bell offers a universal safeguard for those who do not want their numbers displayed on a Caller ID unit. The service -- Per Call Blocking -- blocks each individual call. To activate, users must dial *67 before placing a call.

To find out where in Arkansas wireless Caller ID is available, consumers should call 1-888-567-6766.

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