Apple's New MessagePad 2100 Offers Enhanced Performance For Today's Mobile, Information-Centric Users

Newest Member of MessagePad Family Features Increased System Memory, Higher Performance, Upgraded Communications Software

Cupertino, California -- Oct. 20, 1997 -- Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the MessagePad 2100, available in November. The newest member of the Apple MessagePad family, the MessagePad 2100 offers hardware and software features that enhance performance and communications, including additional system memory and upgrades to several of its bundled software programs. To support current MessagePad 2000 owners, Apple will offer an upgrade program that brings the same DRAM memory of the new MessagePad 2100 to its predecessor.

"The MessagePad 2100 is the sequel to one of the most successful new products in mobile computing history--one that has spawned a legion of true believers," said Sina Tamaddon, vice president and general manager of Apple's Newton Group. "We know that our customers will be thrilled with our networking and performance improvements, making the MessagePad 2100 an ideal mobile device for individuals and corporations."

The MessagePad product line has been widely adopted by both mobile business professionals and corporate users. According to International Data Corporation, the handheld companion market overall is expected to reach $2.1 billion this year and $7.6 billion by 2001. Apple's MessagePad product line offers the versatility of a laptop, including email, fax and Internet access capabilities, as well as a spreadsheet application and personal productivity software, all at a fraction of a laptop's weight and cost. (A modem and Internet Service Provider are required to send and receive email and for Internet access.) The MessagePad delivers battery life of up to six weeks of normal use and will run continuously without battery replacement for up to 24 hours.

The MessagePad was designed to suit mobile user needs, with a focus on processing speed, an easy-to-read screen and an optional functional keyboard. Built around the powerful Digital StrongARM SA-110 processor, the MessagePad 2100 is one of the fastest handheld computers on the market. The mobile computer's 16-level gray scale screen is both larger and clearer than those found on most competitive handheld computers. Unlike the tiny keyboards found on many handheld devices, the MessagePad's optional keyboard supports touch-typing.

Designed with additional memory, the MessagePad 2100 has 4 MB of DRAM, which is 3MB more than its predecessor, the MessagePad 2000. The expanded system memory allows the MessagePad 2100 to run more applications simultaneously, permitting users to work more efficiently. The upgraded memory and communications software are expected to be especially useful for customers who tend to use large applications, like to work on their MessagePads with a variety of applications open at one time or use communications applications such as Internet email or web browsing.

The latest generation of the MessagePad also includes version 3.2 of AllPen Software's NetHopper graphical web browser. The new version provides proxy support, enabling users behind a corporate security firewall to access the Internet. The software also supports authentication, enabling users to access sites requiring a password, such as news and travel websites, and the ability to download Newton packages over the web, such as system updates and applications.

The MessagePad 2100 comes bundled with the latest version of Newton Internet Enabler (NIE 2.0), Apple's TCP/IP software that provides Internet/intranet connections. NIE 2.0 benefits corporate users by providing a direct connection to both Ethernet and AppleTalk networks, as well as support for PAP and CHAP authentication when using a modem (not included) to connect with an Internet Service Provider.

In addition to being bundled with the MessagePad 2100 and the MessagePad 2000 upgrade, NIE 2.0 is immediately available from Apple's website at: NIE 2.0 is also compatible with other MessagePad devices and with the eMate 300, a mobile computer based on the Newton operating system and built primarily for education.

 Upgrade Details

To participate in the MessagePad 2000 upgrade program, which is available until April 30, 1998 or while supplies last, MessagePad 2000 owners will send their units into the Apple Service Center for system memory expansion and software enhancements. Along with the service and upgrades, participants will also receive a copy of Newton Press 1.1 and, while supplies last, a 2MB flash memory card.

For customers who purchased a MessagePad 2000 prior to November 7th, the upgrade will be offered for U.S.$99.00. For customers purchasing the MessagePad 2000 after that date, the price will be U.S.$199. Shipping and local taxes are not included and will be added to all listed prices. The upgrade is intended to be completed within two to five working days, after the MessagePad 2000 to be upgraded is received by the Apple Service Center.

 Pricing and Availability

The MessagePad 2100 will be available in English and German versions worldwide, in November. The estimated retail price of the MessagePad 2100 will be around $1,000 in the United States, including a word processor, email package, web browser and spreadsheet applications.

Additional information on the MessagePad product line can be found by visiting the Newton website located at or by calling 1-800-909-0260. Information regarding the MessagePad 2000 upgrade program can be found by calling 1-800-500-7078.

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