Nokia introduces its second generation communicator

The pocket-sized Nokia 9110 Communicator combines an ultimate mobile office with a superb phone

(March 18, 1998) Nokia introduced the new Nokia 9110 Communicator today at the CeBITī98 exhibition in Hannover, Germany. Nokia's second generation communicator is a digital GSM handportable with data communication capabilities, including the Internet, e-mail, telefax and short message service (SMS) with personal organizer functions. All the features are built into a pocket-sized, easy-to-use device weighing only 249 grams. The product will be available in volume for GSM 900 markets in the third quarter of 1998.

The Nokia 9110 Communicator has several new applications leading the wireless office into a new era. It enables an easy transfer of information between the communicator and a PC. First in the industry, it enables wireless imaging and comes with an optional Memory Card for extra data storage. The Nokia 9110 Communicator has a back lit, high quality screen, and optimized functionality of the user-interface.

"The new Nokia 9110 Communicator is a truly outstanding, complete communications tool with a wide range of applications optimized for use in corporate and vertical markets, such as field sales, transportation, security and fleet management. This device increases productivity and reduces costs by giving easy yet efficient access to required information while on the move, in the office or at home," says Anssi Vanjoki, Senior Vice President, Nokia Mobile Phones.

All applications work together seamlessly

The Nokia 9110 Communicator is an excellent, pocket-sized mobile office. All applications - GSM phone with handsfree, telefax, Internet and intranets, e-mail, short message service (SMS) and calendar - work together seamlessly. For example, the user can check e-mail, download a file, edit it, save it and then send it by fax. After the fax is sent, the user can call using the handsfree to discuss and view the fax on the screen at the same time. The multiview calendar, contacts database and texts are Windows™ compatible.

To enhance the functionality and usability with PCs, Nokia has included in the sales package a new software, the PC Suite for Nokia 9110 Communicator. This software allows the user to transfer information and software between the communicator and computers using Windows 95™ and Windows NT™ 4.0 operating systems.

The need to access data on the move has been one of the key drivers for the industry in creating data communication solutions. As wireless services have evolved beyond voice, value-added services play an increasingly important role not only in business use but also personal lifestyle uses with the emergence of electronic banking and commerce, electronic postcards and infotainment, for example.

"Nokia's goal is to offer value-added services through compact, user-friendly devices that are not technologically intimidating. The new Nokia 9110 Communicator has an easy-to-use design, but features revolutionary applications such as wireless imaging; this shows that wireless multimedia is not about the future but about today," notes Mr Vanjoki.

Wireless imaging and memory extension capabilities

First in the world, the Nokia 9110 Communicator enables wireless image sending and receiving. With the application called Digital Camera Connectivity, the user can receive pictures via infrared from digital cameras which support the Ir-TranP protocol. Photographs can be sent over the air for further processing. Pictures can also be attached to mail or fax sending.

As another industry first, Nokia has selected the Memory Card for extending user data memory in the Nokia 9110 Communicator. The Memory Card, about the size of a postage stamp, is the world's smallest removable data storage card providing memory up to 4 MB. The Nokia 9110 Communicator will be able to store audio, travel guides, dictionaries, still images, software, large directories and documents in the MultiMediaCard. The card, developed by SanDisk and Siemens, will be sold as a standard Nokia accessory.

Superb mobile phone

The phone user interface of the Nokia 9110 Communicator is based on the Nokia 6100 series, making the communicator a phone with the latest features, outstanding audio and speech quality and excellent operating times. The phone provides up to 6 hours of talk time and the stand by time is up to 200 hours (8 days). With the 'profile' function, the user can adjust the phone settings according various situations from meeting to outdoor mode.

The Nokia 9110 Communicator has a 486 based AMD embedded processor and a GEOS 3.0 operating system platform. The product is ready for data speed of 14.4 kbit/s, and supports several standard e-mail protocols. A total of 12 language versions are available.

As the industry leader in wireless data, Nokia established a totally new product category by introducing the first Nokia 9000 Communicator already two years ago. At present, the Nokia Communicators are sold in over 30 markets worldwide.

Headquartered in Finland, Nokia is a broad-scope telecommunications company supplying mobile phones, mobile and fixed telecommunications networks, data communications solutions, multimedia terminals and PC monitors. With sales in 130 countries, net sales totaled FIM 52.6 billion ($9.8 billion) in 1997. Nokia employs more than 36,000 people worldwide.