Symbian expands into Scandinavia with acquisition of Ericsson Mobile Applications Lab

Symbian signs agreement with Ericsson to acquire key software competence centre in Ronneby, Sweden

LONDON, United Kingdom, January 14th, 1999 - Ericsson and Symbian today announced the acquisition by Symbian of Mobile Applications Lab, a subsidiary of Ericsson Mobile Communications, based in Ronneby, Sweden. The addition of the Ronneby centre takes place under the original agreement of the Symbian joint venture when it was agreed that each shareholder would contribute key personnel to aid the development of Symbian's EPOC operating system.

The entire staff at the Ronneby site will be transferred to Symbian, who will develop the location into an EPOC development centre, building on existing experience in implementing telecommunications, Bluetooth and user interface technology. The Mobile Applications Lab was set up in 1997 by Ericsson Mobile Communications and is situated in Ronneby's Soft Center industrial park, renowned for excellence in software development.

Juha Christensen, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Symbian, comments "The addition of the teams in Ronneby to the Symbian group is a further boost to our recruitment efforts. With this we gain experienced staff who will further develop key EPOC technologies. Since the launch of Symbian six months ago we've seen an increase in headcount by approximately 70%. We plan to expand our reach in the Wireless Information Device industry further by opening up additional offices worldwide during the next six months. "

Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President of Marketing and Communication at Ericsson Mobile Communications says: "Taking a leading role in industry initiatives such as Bluetooth, Symbian and WAP is an important part of Ericsson's strategy which will ensure us a strong position in the new telecomm's world. By this acquisition we further strengthen the relation between Symbian and Ericsson. Working with open standards enables us to offer consumers easy to use communications solutions."

The transfer of the Ronneby offices heralds Symbian's presence in Scandinavia. Based in the southernmost tip of Sweden, Ronneby is a 2 hour drive from the Copenhagen-Malmö area. Symbian will initially transfer experienced staff members to Ronneby and from this office seek to develop closer links with technology companies and research centres throughout Scandinavia, a region generally perceived to be 2 - 3 years ahead of the rest of the world in wireless technology usage, mobile phone penetration and adoption of new technology. Symbian has already developed a close relationship with the University of Karlskrona/Ronneby, one of Sweden's leading IT institutions with the second highest number new IT students in the country.

Per Eriksson, President for the University of Karlskrona/Ronneby, comments "We welcome Symbian to Ronneby and to close co-operation with the university; developing links with IT students and joint R&D projects. The acquisition by Symbian of the Mobile Applications Lab in Ronneby's Soft Center is a huge step forward to world leading software development and will provide further employment opportunities within the region."

Symbian plans to develop the Ronneby site by developing a new complex within the same site as the University, to create closer links with IT students, and increasing recruitment in the region.


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