Ericsson remains committed to Symbian and EPOC

Ericsson earlier today announced a strategic partnership and joint company with Microsoft, an important addition to Ericsson’s strategic work with Bluetooth, Symbian and WAP

Dec 8 1999

Working together on wireless e-mail solutions while fully committed to the support of open standards, Ericsson and Microsoft will each contribute products and know-how to solutions that provide superior benefits to operators and users.

As a innovator of technology such as the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Bluetooth and a contributor to open standards, such as the operating system EPOC, Ericsson fully recognize the need to embrace open standards that are available to a global marketplace. The cooperation does not include joint development or licensing of operating systems.

"The close cooperation between Ericsson and Microsoft does not influence Ericsson’s engagement in Symbian or Ericsson’s Epoc-based projects," says Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Mobile Communications. "Epoc is a robust, scaleable operating system and it is thanks to the fact that it is scaleable that we can incorporate other applications in our devices."

Ericsson and Microsoft are committing to deliver solutions that meet demand on timeliness, open standards, robustness and scalability. Over the past year, considerable excitement has been building around the opportunities in the mobile Internet marketspace foreseen by Ericsson. Today, it is clear that the mobile device segment is already growing faster than the PC segment. Today, there are around 450 million users of mobile telephony worldwide. Beginning 2001, all new Ericsson mobile phones will be equipped with the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). In parallel, e-mail has become the killer application for Internet usage – approximately 18 per cent of the 325-million-plus global e-mailboxes added within the past four months. Ericsson is extremely well positioned at this crossroad of mobility and Internet usage that will change personal communications as we know it over the decade to come.

About Ericsson

Ericsson is the leading provider in the new telecoms world, with communications solutions that combine telecom and datacom technologies with freedom of mobility for the user. With more than 100,000 employees in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies communications for its customers – network operators, service providers, enterprises and consumers – the world over.

Microsoft, Ericsson announce strategic partnership to drive Mobile Internet Market

Partnership to Deliver Vision of Convenient and Fast Access to Information Any Time, Anywhere, on Any Device; Ericsson and Microsoft to Form a Company Together

Dec 8 1999

Microsoft Corp. and Ericsson today announced a strategic partnership to develop and market end-to-end solutions for the wireless Internet, based on a shared vision of convenient and fast access to information anytime, anywhere, from any device. Ericsson and Microsoft will form a company together to market and deliver mobile e-mail solutions for network operators. Ericsson will own the majority share of the new company.

As part of the partnership — the first between the two companies — Ericsson will provide its Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) stack to Microsoft and will adopt Microsoft® Mobile Explorer for feature phones, giving operators, developers and consumers more choice and functionality in developing, delivering and accessing wireless information and services.

The new company will focus on building, marketing and deploying solutions that utilize Microsoft Windows NT® Server and Exchange platforms, and Ericsson’s infrastructure and mobile Internet technologies. This will give wireless operators access to the most reliable and feature-rich communications and mobile data infrastructure.

"The mobile Internet is part of Ericsson’s vision of convenient and user-friendly information access and wireless e-mail," said Kurt Hellström, president of Ericsson. "Bringing together Microsoft’s strengths in Internet and enterprise messaging software and our leadership as an open communications solutions provider of mobile voice and data will offer tremendous ease of use for consumers all over the world."

"Mobile Internet access and services are crucial for realizing Microsoft’s vision of empowering knowledge workers and consumers through software any time, anywhere and on any device," said Steve Ballmer, president, Microsoft. "As the world leader in mobility and mobile communications, Ericsson is an ideal partner to help deliver this vision. This partnership is a strong confirmation of our commitment to help the industry deploy new mobile products and services worldwide."

Microsoft and Ericsson also agreed to collaborate in their support of developing open industry standards — including Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), WAP and Bluetooth — enabling next-generation wireless solutions that work more seamlessly with local area networks and other electronics products.

Companies to Collaborate on Microbrowser Technology

Ericsson will adopt Microsoft Mobile Explorer for feature phones on applicable Ericsson phones and this solution will include the Ericsson WAP stack. This new dual-mode microbrowser displays both HTML and WAP 1.1-compliant content, thus eliminating the need for operators and developers to choose between technologies. Microsoft Mobile Explorer is a modular mobile phone platform for enabling secure corporate data access, e-mail, Internet, location-based services and electronic commerce from feature phones and smart phones. Mobile professionals and consumers benefit by being able to access information and services based on either standard. Network operators benefit from a standard approach that can lower costs while boosting customer loyalty by providing value-added services.

Enabling End-to-End Wireless Messaging and Information Access

With the new company, Microsoft and Ericsson will work collaboratively to develop new solutions that seamlessly connect enterprise e-mail with public wireless e-mail services, based on Microsoft Exchange Server and Ericsson wireless infrastructure products. The company will also use the Microsoft messaging platform to optimize client software, access technologies and applications.

The new solutions will allow users to access information, personal information managers (PIMs) and e-mail from any wireless device, while giving carriers the ability to offer services based on the Microsoft Exchange platform.

Companies to Collaborate on Open Standards and New Technologies

Microsoft and Ericsson will fully implement current versions and work with other partners to develop the WAP, Bluetooth technology and UPnP. Also, Ericsson and Microsoft will promote the convergence of WAP and Internet standards to XML, to the benefit of networks operators and customers.

Recognizing the importance of Bluetooth technology, Microsoft and Ericsson will work together and with other Promoters in the Bluetooth SIG to evolve the technology to support future scenarios. In addition to working together to integrate Bluetooth technology into their respective products, Microsoft and Ericsson also have the mutual goal of ensuring a seamless experience for customers of Bluetooth-enabled products.

A press conference will be held tomorrow Thursday December 9, at Grand Hotel, Spegel Salen, Stockholm. The press conference will begin at 2 p.m. CET. There will also be a conference call at 5 p.m. More information about the conference call will be distributed later.

Ericsson is the leading provider in the new telecoms world, with communications solutions that combine telecom and datacom technologies with freedom of mobility for the user. With more than 100,000 employees in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies communications for its customers – network operators, service providers, enterprises and consumers – the world over.