Nokia opens the specification for ring tones and mobile phone logos for free licensing

(December 05, 2000)

Nokia has today announced that it will make the extended and updated Smart Messaging specification available to the industry without a license fee. Smart Messaging is a Nokia developed concept for sending and receiving ring tones, picture messages, operator logos, business cards, calendar requests etc., over the Short Message Service (SMS). Since its introduction in 1997, Smart Messaging has become an extremely popular mobile service and the de facto standard for the industry. Nokia’s mobile phones have supported Smart Messaging since the Nokia 8110i.

“The success of Smart Messaging has powerfully demonstrated that there is a strong value chain and a highly profitable business model for mobile value added services, such as ring tones. Nokia wants to continue the active development and promotion of the Smart Messaging specification. As we are now opening the specification to all players in the industry, we are also welcoming contribution to the future evolution of Smart Messaging,” said Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Nokia Mobile Phones.

Nokia Smart Messaging is the most widely adopted terminal specific content delivery technology available. Hundreds of millions of Nokia handsets supporting Smart Messaging are already out in the market. Nokia is committed to upgrading the technology as new market requirements emerge. Nokia expects that many industry players will implement Smart Messaging features. This will create a broad and lucrative business system, and open the road to the development of Multimedia Messaging (MMS), the first standardized service to be deployed in the 3rd Generation mobile networks.

For more information about the business opportunities of Smart Messaging, please visit the Nokia Developer Forum website at

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