Nokia launches WAP Toolkit 2.1 with new mobile phone emulators, additional functionality for developers, and a new API for integration with third-party development environments

(February 06, 2001)

Free Nokia WAP Toolkit Supports June 2000 WAP Specifications

Nokia today announced the immediate availability of its updated WAP Toolkit for network operators, application developers and content providers. The Nokia WAP Toolkit 2.1 is a free software tool that provides a PC-based environment in which developers can write, test and de-bug WAP applications.

This is the first time a mobile phone simulator is provided for the WAP-enabled Nokia 6200 and 7100 Series phones. These simulators, running on the same software that the commercial phone versions incorporate, enable prototyping of WAP services exactly as they would appear on handsets currently available in the marketplace. The latest version of the toolkit also includes a June 2000 WAP Forum(TM) specification reference implementation simulator, which supports multipart push among other new features. The simulator enables the prototyping of next generation WAP services that will be supported in handsets coming to the market later this year and next.

The toolkit has been designed so that these mobile phone emulators can be downloaded separately from the development environment and new emulators plugged in as they become available.

The Nokia WAP Toolkit is available free-of-charge for registered members of the Nokia WAP Developer Forum at To date, more than 300,000 developers around the world have downloaded previous versions of the Nokia WAP Toolkit.

With the Nokia WAP Toolkit 2.1, a WAP application developer can create complete applications without the need for a handset or access to carrier infrastructure. Testing and demonstrating WAP applications is simple and straightforward because the developer can navigate and request URLs on any web server on the Internet or use a limited version of the Nokia WAP Server that is included with each Toolkit. In addition, applications can be stored and queried directly from the PC file system.

This version of the toolkit also includes an interface that will make it possible for other third-party tool companies to integrate the Nokia toolkit into their applications.

Components of the Nokia WAP Toolkit 2.1 include:

- WML, WMLScript, WBMP and Multi-part Editors
- New and updated Phone emulators
- WAP Forum June 2000 specifications-based WML Browser in Reference Implementation
- Script Interpreter and Run-time Libraries
- Debugging Tools
- Sample Applications and Java Servlets
- Push Simulator

About WAP
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