Gartner Dataquest Updates Telecom Equipment Manufacturer Ranking for 2000

Analysts say Prospects for 2001 Remain Unchanged - It is Going to be a Tougher Year

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 7, 2001 — The order within the top eight worldwide telecommunications equipment manufacturers for 2000 shifted even further than initially suggested, according to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT and ITB).

Earlier estimates placed Nortel as the No. 2 vendor, but revised data (based upon clarifications and new information) indicate that it actually claimed the top spot. Nortel grew more than 40 percent on the year to leap from No. 3 in 1999 to No. 1 status in 2000 (see Table 1).

"Nortel's achievement was built upon a successful strategy of targeting key sectors both through organic growth and well-managed acquisitions," said Dean Eyers, group vice president for Gartner Dataquest's worldwide Telecommunications and Networking group. "It has balanced leading-edge technology skills and executed especially well in the high-growth optical market."

Table 1
Top Eight Worldwide Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers' Estimates for 2000
(Billions of Dollars)
Company 2000
Growth (%)
Based on Revenue
Local Currency
Revenue Growth (%)
Nortel* 29.8 21.0 41.6 41.6
Ericsson** 27.7 24.0 15.4 28.1
Nokia 27.2 20.1 35.4 57.0
Lucent*** 25.8 33.8 -23.5 -23.5
Cisco 23.9 15.0 59.3 59.3
Siemens**** 22.8 20.0 14.5 32.5
Motorola 22.8 19.7 15.3 15.3
Alcatel***** 21.6 17.1 26.6 46.8
Top 8 Total 201.7 170.7 18.2

*Nortel figures re-estimated to exclude external component sales, 1999 data changed from last year's report due to a move to US Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures.
**Ericsson figures re-estimated to exclude nontelecommunications equipment and inter-segment sales.
***Lucent 2000 data exclude Avaya — combined figure would be US$33.23 billion.
****Siemens 1999 data re-estimated because of exchange rate updates.
*****Alcatel 1999 data re-estimated to exclude components business.
Source: Gartner Dataquest (March 2001)

The updated figures show that Ericsson came in second once again. Its dominant position in mobile networks during a year of significant investment in third-generation (3G) systems was the driving factor in continued strong revenue growth during the year.

Other positions remain unchanged, as does Gartner Dataquest's view of the market opportunities this year — 2001 will be a tougher year for the manufacturers. Whether there is an actual recession or not this year, the slowing economy and the recent struggles in the dot-com industry will make 2001 a turbulent year in the telecommunications industry.

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