The Nokia 9210 Communicator is now shipping

(June 19, 2001)

Nokia today announced the availability of its latest communicator, which was launched at the Mobile Internet Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Incorporating a full-color display, high-speed Internet, email and fax, as well as extensive support for office applications, the Nokia 9210 Communicator is the first mobile multimedia device combining voice capability with a broad range of features enhancing daily information management on the GSM 900/1800 networks.

Using open standards such as the Symbian Operating System (OS), WWW, WAP and SyncML, this multitask device can be optimized for individual needs, whether from access to information on the corporate server to possibility to play high-quality multimedia games. Thanks to the Symbian OS with PersonalJava and C++ support, creating applications for the Nokia 9210 Communicator has been made easy for independent 3rd-party software vendors.

Nokia cooperates with numerous application developers, creating add-on software to improve the user experience of the Nokia Communicator. Add-on software will allow users to tailor their Nokia communicators to their specific needs and interests, making it a truly personal device. Some examples of applications developed for the Communicator are listed below.

Add-on software

Nokia and IBM's Lotus Development Corp. have announced that they will deliver business-critical Lotus messaging and collaboration solutions to the users of the Nokia 9210 Communicator. Lotus Mobile Notes will allow mobile users to access their information management systems, including e-mail, calendars, address books and workflow, from their mobile devices. Compatibility between Lotus Notes technology and the Nokia 9210 Communicator will open up exciting opportunities for utilizing existing business applications across open, industry-supported interfaces, such as WAP, IMAP, and SyncML. Making systems like sales force automation, customer care and supplier management immediately available to travelling employees makes organisations more effective and users more productive.

IBM and Symbian have introduced new software taking key components from IBM's Tivoli, Lotus and DB2 data management software brands to enable enterprises to extend existing business-critical applications to mobile professionals using Symbian-based devices such as the Nokia 9210 Communicator. By delivering this new functionality at the device level, the new IBM software allows companies to simplify the management of mobile devices and will allow mobile professionals to carry all of their key office-based personal information, collaborative tools and database-oriented resources on their communicators. The first complete implementation of the full IBM/Symbian solution will be made available on the Nokia 9210 Communicator.

Nokia and Computer Associates International Inc. have announced an agreement to work together on a fully integrated information technology solution that will provide enterprise-class manageability across the mobile computing landscape. Through this agreement, the companies' corporate customers can leverage the Nokia 9210 Communicator to deliver manageable, high-value applications and services that fully integrate with existing enterprise IT resources through CA's Unicenter TNG.

Tarantella Inc. has announced support for the Nokia 9210 Communicator, giving users of Nokia's latest communicator fast access to corporate applications. Tarantella Enterprise 3 software will enable the Nokia 9210 Communicator to connect to any Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, AS/400 or mainframe application over the GSM network. Tarantella software has a sophisticated video slicing and scaling technology that enables interaction with any enterprise application from any GSM-capable location.

Citrix Systems, Inc. has made the Citrix® Independent Computing Architecture (ICA®) Client available to the Nokia 9210 Communicator. The Citrix ICA Client offers high-performance access to Windows and UNIX business applications running on Citrix MetaFrame(TM) servers over wireless connections, without the need for additional servers. Citrix ICA provides key functionality to wireless users, including scaling of the application interface to fit the 9210 screen, text entry prediction (zero latency) for immediate feedback, and ultra-low bandwidth requirements for optimal performance over constrained networks. Mobile workers will benefit from the ability to easily use full-function applications, as well as e-mail and other productivity tools, while away from their desks or in transit.

Thanks to RSA SecurID authentication software provided by RSA Security, the Nokia 9210 Communicator supports two-factor authentication for Internet Browsing and e-mail, and secure access to mobile information services created for WAP enabled phones. RSA SecurID authentication software is ideal for employees, business partners, solutions providers and service providers who need access to their corporations' e-mail, intranet and extranet or other information. RSA SecurID two-factor authentication ensures only authorized users are allowed entry to your information.

Celesta has developed Celesta Smart Forms for Nokia communicators, including the new Nokia 9210 Communicator. With Celesta Smart Forms you can create mBusiness applications in just hours. Easy-to-use and intuitive user interfaces allow maximized productivity and minimized errors in the field. The Smart Forms applications are cost-effective to operate, since users can browse and update information offline in local databases and send/receive the changed data with the host or another Smart Forms client. With Celesta Application Designer, corporates can rapidly create and deploy easy-to-use, customized applications to conduct mobile business. The applications can be installed over the air by using the Nokia 9210 Communicator's WWW browser.

iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., the mobile and wireless subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. has announced that it plans to deliver enterprise applications based on its leading m-Business platform for the Nokia 9210 Communicator- making mission critical business information "always available' to mobile professionals anywhere, anytime. iAnywhere Solutions will initially target the insurance industry to deliver the first mobile insurance solution for the Nokia 9210 Communicator that can be accessed regardless of whether the device is connected to the wireless network.

The Nokia 9210 Communicator with its Symbian OS and high-quality color display also offers an excellent platform for multimedia entertainment content. In the past year, Nokia's entertainment offering has grown to include a large portfolio of games. The first published add-on game, the Virtually Board Snowboarding game, which offers players an action-packed video game experience on the Nokia 9210 Communicator, was produced in collaboration with the games developer, Springtoys.

Palmtop Software has developed under the Tomtom brand a number of titles for users of the Nokia 9210 Communicator. TomTom Citymaps give street level accurate maps for all western European cities and villages. TomTom Roadmaps give the user driving directions across Europe. The famous Michelin Red Guide will also be published for the Nokia 9210 Communicator, as well as the whole range of acclaimed Collins Dictionaries. For those who want to stay entertained during their journey, TomTom has developed the well known V-Rally racing game for use on Nokia's latest communicator.

The Nokia 9210 Communicator combines phone, fax, e-mail, calendar, and imaging functionality. It allows the user to send and receive images, sound, and video. It also supports word processing and spreadsheet applications, including viewing and editing Word and Excel documents and a Power Point viewer. Internet access is possible via both a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and a HTML-based WWW browser, which also supports frames. SyncML support allows seamless synchronization of contact, calendar, and to-do lists across SyncML enabled PC's, PDA's, mobile phones, and other devices.

The above mentioned companies are all members of Forum Nokia, which is an on-line community for third party developers creating mobile applications. Registered members can find a wide range of development tools and supporting documents as well as meet other developers on-line. The Forum Nokia site ( was established in 1995 and is rapidly approaching half a million members.

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