Nokia Successfully Completes CDMA2000 Data Call using Nokia Chipset

(September 04, 2001)

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (September 4, 2001) - Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has successfully completed a CDMA2000 high-speed packet data call on a Nokia prototype handset powered by a Nokia CDMA chipset supporting packet data rates up to 153.6k Bps.

The phone successfully completed both forward and reverse link calls, was able to upload and download web pages from the Internet, and upload and download files using the phone as a modem. A CDMA2000 voice call was also completed with soft handoffs.

"Nokia is leading the way with next generation CDMA products," said Soren Petersen, Vice President and General Manager of CDMA for Nokia Mobile Phones. "These high-speed data and voice calls demonstrate our commitment to providing world-class CDMA handset products to our customers."

The call was completed in a Nortel Networks interoperability laboratory, located in Ottawa, Canada, using Nortel Networks CDMA2000 network infrastructure equipment.

Nokia has been developing its own CDMA product line and chipset in San Diego since 1991. It is currently shipping its Nokia 5170i, 5180i, 5185i, 3280 and 3285 CDMA handsets to customers across the Americas.

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