Compaq launches new versions of iPAQ Pocket PC featuring Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 and Bluetooth technology

Market-leading iPAQ Pocket PC to support GSM and GPRS from December 2001

ZURICH, October 4, 2001 – Compaq Computer today unveiled two new versions of its iPAQ Pocket PC across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), incorporating the new Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 operating system. Both new models support Bluetooth wireless networking – one via an expansion card option (available late-October), the other through integrated Bluetooth technology (available November 2001). Compaq also announced today its new Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS Networks, which will provide full data and voice connectivity when added to the iPAQ Pocket PC. This new expansion pack will be available from December 2001.

The new Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC H3700 and H3800 Series will both incorporate Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Premium Edition. They will offer customers higher levels of performance to meet the widest range of handheld computing needs. Memory has been increased to 32MB ROM and 64MB RAM. The screen has also been upgraded to display more than 65,000 colours, and users will benefit from increased battery life1.

The new models feature the silver design of the original iPAQ Pocket PC. They support an increasing number of applications from a broad community of solution providers. Also, incorporated is the fastest processor available – the Intel StrongARM 206MHz. In addition, the two new versions are fully compatible with current iPAQ Expansion Packs.

“The best Pocket PC in the industry – the iPAQ Pocket PC – just got even better, giving customers the ultimate blend of performance, connectivity and expandability,” said Francois Bornibus, vice president and general manager, Access Business Group, Compaq EMEA. “Enterprises want to mobilise their workforces with handheld computing solutions that can be customised to meet their unique needs. The new versions of the iPAQ Pocket PC will continue to meet such demands. By combining this with the advances we are making in wireless connectivity, enterprises are able to extend higher levels of productivity into the mobile environment.”

New models announced today in Europe, Middle-East and Africa are expected to be available in late October for the iPAQ Pocket PC H3700 Series and in November for the iPAQ Pocket PC H3800 Series. Prices2 are $549 for the iPAQ Pocket PC H3760 Series, $649 for the iPAQ Pocket PC H3850 (without Integrated Bluetooth capabilities), and $699 for the iPAQ Pocket PC H3870 with Integrated Bluetooth capabilities.

Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS Networks

A significant addition to the iPAQ Pocket PC’s capabilities will be the Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS Networks (Global System for Mobile Communications and General Packet Radio Service) – available December 2001. This will give iPAQ Pocket PC users high-speed “always-on” Internet access, WAP browsing, email, SMS messaging and phone calls.
In addition, the Wireless Pack is a tri-band device enabling seamless use on GSM/GPRS networks throughout the world. It will also deliver four hours of talk time and 180 hours of standby time, along with ease of use features like one-touch dialling from the Contacts List, an integrated speaker and microphone, and “plug and play” software.

Compaq is currently testing the Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS Networks with key wireless carriers such as BT CellNet and Vodafone in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Shipments are expected to begin in December.

New Options for the iPAQ Pocket PC

Adding to the broad range of third-party products for the iPAQ Pocket PC, the company today unveiled a number of Compaq accessories for use with the iPAQ Pocket PC family. All options will be available starting in November, including:

Microsoft Pocket PC 2002

Launched today (4 October 2001) in San Francisco and London, Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 – the new version of Microsoft’s operating system for Pocket PCs – represents an even better Pocket PC experience with improved personalisation, groundbreaking enterprise features and improved connectivity.

Providing a comprehensive and secure handheld for corporations, Pocket PC 2002 adds improved support for strong passwords and anti-virus hooks. Mobile professionals can now access their corporate networks via virtual private network (VPN) or the Terminal Services Client (TSC).

“The new iPAQ Pocket PC H3700 and H3800 Series products give customers a winning combination of expandability, performance and flexibility, while taking full advantage of Pocket PC 2002 software with its improved features, enterprise software, and technology that provides for the broadest selection of wireless connectivity in the industry,” said Ben Waldman, vice president of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft. We are proud to work with Compaq to once again raise the bar in handheld computing for Pocket PC customers.”

Through its built-in Flash ROM (Read-Only Memory) capability, the iPAQ Pocket PC can take advantage of the new Pocket PC 2002 software in a user-friendly upgrade process. By simply installing the upgrade utility from the upgrade CD onto the host computer, the software is quickly and easily loaded onto the iPAQ Pocket PC.

Customers who buy the previous two versions – iPAQ Pocket PC H3600 or H3100 – between 6 September and 30 November 2001 can receive a free upgrade3 to Pocket PC 2002 Professional Edition software via a CD. Compaq is also offering a purchase option, which allows customers that purchased their iPAQ before 6 September or after 30 November to purchase the upgrade at $29.95, excluding shipping, handling and applicable tax.

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