Nokia fully supports Cingular Wireless' choice of GSM/EDGE technology for its nationwide high-speed 3G mobile data network

(October 31, 2001)

Nokia (NYSE: NOK), as a major supplier of GSM/EDGE/WCDMA network equipment, fully supports the announcement by Cingular Wireless that it will employ GSM/EDGE technology in its nationwide network for advanced 3G mobile services.

At the same time, Nokia is pleased to acknowledge that it as been selected by Cingular Wireless to assist in the infrastructure roll-out for its GSM/EDGE network.

The technology announcement by Cingular Wireless means that it will enjoy the benefits of the world's most successful mobile standard when migrating to the high-speed services of next-generation networks. GSM/EDGE is a truly global standard based on open standards and open interfaces that results in unparalleled economies of scale and allows operators to cost-efficiently build and operate mobile networks. For subscribers, GSM/EDGE brings opportunities for global roaming and seamless services of the highest quality.

The move signals Cingular Wireless' trust in GSM/EDGE as the technology of choice for its migration from TDMA when moving toward high-speed 3G services. EDGE is technology that efficiently leverages the radio spectrum of GSM to provide data rates as high as 473 kbps. As part of the successful GSM standard, EDGE service benefits from the same global roaming and economies of scale that come with a truly global standard. Nokia offers an industry-leading GSM/EDGE solution that provides a fast and smooth migration path from legacy TDMA systems, helping TDMA operators to rapidly bring the benefits of GSM, the world's most popular mobile technology, to their customers. GSM/EDGE provides efficient use of radio spectrum, allowing operators to fully optimize their available spectrum.

"We feel Cingular will enrich its nationwide GSM/EDGE service by introducing GPRS and EDGE service," says Dr. J.T. Bergqvist of Nokia Networks, participating in Cingular's Technology Announcement meeting in New York on Tuesday, October 30, 2001. "Cingular is a forerunner in mobile networks in the U.S., and we are happy that they have chosen EDGE as their high-speed data technology leading the way to 3G. We feel strongly that this choice will demonstrate to the industry at large the strengths of the GPRS/EDGE path to 3G, and will further drive the adoption of advanced third-generation wireless services in the United States."

Cingular's network will be built to support the E-911 phase two standard.

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