Cingular Wireless selects Nokia as a main supplier to its GSM/EDGE network nationwide in deal estimated at over one billion USD

(December 03, 2001)

Nokia solution to help Cingular optimize its radio spectrum in migration toward high-speed 3G services for the United States.

Cingular Wireless has chosen Nokia (NYSE: NOK) as a main infrastructure supplier for a significant portion of its nationwide GSM/EDGE network in support of its deployment of new high-speed 3G data services. The value of the contract is estimated to be in excess of one billion USD, representing the largest single system level deal ever for Nokia, further solidifying it's leadership position in the United States market.

Cingular will begin rolling out GPRS with EDGE-ready equipment and this deal will allow the company to eventually provide nationwide GSM/EDGE services, further driving the adoption of advanced third-generation (3G) wireless services in the United States. Deliveries and nationwide rollout will commence in 2002.

Under the terms of the contract, Nokia will supply its high-capacity, end-to-end GSM/EDGE solution for dual-band (850 MHz and 1900 MHz) mobile service, including both core network and radio-access network systems. Included in the contract are Nokia UltraSite triple-mode (GSM/EDGE/WCDMA) base stations, as well as the Nokia DX 200 circuit switched core and GPRS (general packet radio service) packet-core network solutions.

"Nokia is pleased that Cingular has demonstrated so strongly its commitment to the global standard of GSM," said Timothy Eckersley, Senior Vice President, Nokia Networks. "We are happy that they share our vision of EDGE as high-speed data technology leading the way to 3G. We are equally pleased that Cingular Wireless has chosen Nokia as a key supplier. We feel strongly that this deployment will demonstrate to the industry at large the strengths of the GPRS/EDGE path to 3G."

In addition to the supply of end-to-end GSM/EDGE network equipment, Nokia will provide its industry-leading NetAct network management system and the Network Deployment Package for the network build-out including planning services. Nokia will also supply the Nokia KeyCare(TM) package and additional O&M site assistance for both core and radio network to maximize service quality throughout the deployment phase and in long term operability of the network. These services will facilitate the early deployment of 3G services in the United States.

Nokia's EDGE (enhanced data for global evolution) radio-network solution uses technology that leverages the radio spectrum of GSM to provide data rates as high as 473 kbps. The efficient use of radio spectrum by GSM/EDGE will allow Cingular to optimize its available spectrum and increase voice capacity.

The Nokia GSM/EDGE solution offers a fast and smooth technology migration path, helping to extend the benefits of the world's most popular mobile technology to all its customers. As a part of a truly global standard, EDGE brings the same benefits of global roaming and economies of scale that GSM brings.

As EDGE can be implemented in existing GSM sites, network-wide EDGE implementation is easy to carry out with only incremental investments in software. Larger coverage can be achieved even with fewer sites than before.

Cingular's network is designed to support the E-911 phase two standard.

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