Cingular Customers Access Corporate E-mail Wirelessly on Phones with Cingular Xpress Mail

First true data business solution for enterprises gives Internet-ready handset users freedom to manage desktop when away from office

ATLANTA, March 11, 2002 - Cingular Wireless customers can now use their Internet ready phones to wirelessly access their corporate e-mail when away from their desks through Cingular Xpress Mail, a groundbreaking new service that became commercially available nationwide today across Cingular's GPRS, GSM and TDMA networks.

Cingular Xpress Mail represents the first true data business solution in North America for companies that use mobile phones. The new service gives customers a real-time and secure view of their desktops - Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes corporate e-mail, calendars, personal contacts, corporate directories and more - without having to do time-consuming and costly back-end integration.

"Cingular Xpress Mail raises the bar in the wireless business-to-business space to give customers yet another way to access and manage their corporate e-mail," said Stephen Krom, Vice President, Business Marketing and Product Development, for Cingular Wireless. "No other wireless provider gives businesses the breadth of corporate e-mail access solutions that Cingular does, offering customers the flexibility to securely manage their e-mail regardless of their primary means of wireless communication."

Cingular Xpress Mail has been available to select customers since last fall. One of the first companies to use Xpress Mail is inhouseIT, a Newport Beach, CA, based company providing full-service technology leadership and support for small and medium sized businesses. inhouseIT's team of mobile IT professionals uses Xpress Mail to access their desktop while servicing clients.

"Cingular Xpress Mail is a wireless tool that I depend on every day," said Troy Hickerson, Director of IT for inhouseIT. "It allows me and my team to stay connected and informed without having to be at the office, which is a critical benefit because we are on the road at client sites a majority of the time."

Cingular Xpress Mail adds breadth to Cingular's portfolio of corporate e-mail offerings. Cingular has already captured the wireless e-mail market with an enterprise-hosted solution that offers businesses access to their Exchange- and Lotus Notes-based corporate e-mail on handhelds such as the RIM 950 and RIM 957 Wireless Handhelds™ via Cingular's Mobitex-based network. Cingular's new Xpress Mail service complements that offering by providing a solution to customers who do not have the resources or desire to build out their own infrastructure. Cingular's suite of e-mail products provides the foundation for an extensive array of business solutions for thousands of enterprise customers, including over 420 of the Fortune 1000 companies.

The network-based corporate e-mail solution can be securely deployed by companies' IT Departments without having to install additional hardware or software at the enterprise's server or on a handset, which saves enterprises both
time and money by allowing them to leverage their existing IT investments. Company-designated administrators simply use Cingular's Web-enabled tool, Xpress Mail Manage, to activate their employees to use the service.

With Xpress Mail, users can view the full text of selected e-mails via a wireless phone. Cingular customers access the service through "My Wireless Window," Cingular's wireless portal that provides safe and secure transactions and empowers customers with access to a variety of services. Cingular Xpress Mail can be enabled on such Internet-ready mobile phones as the Ericsson R278, Handspring Treo, Motorola v60t, Nokia 3360 and Siemens s40.

Cingular Xpress Mail costs $10 per month per user in addition to Cingular Wireless Internet and Cingular Wireless Internet Express charges. For more information or to order Cingular Xpress Mail, businesses can contact their Cingular sales representative, call 1-866-CINGULAR or visit

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