Nokia and AT&T Wireless Conclude Initial Development and Testing Agreement to Evolve All-IP Networks

March 19, 2002

Nokia Networks and AT&T Wireless Gain Practical Experience to Bring First 3G Services to North America

Nokia and AT&T Wireless today announced that they have successfully concluded their joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop and test advanced enhancements supporting the evolution of an All IP-Network. The two companies, which are collaborating on high speed 3G technologies known as Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), gained the experience during a series of lab trials to bring the first 3G services to North America.

"The finalization of this agreement validates the use of All-IP technologies with EDGE and UMTS to ensure that advanced multimedia applications will become a reality for consumers," said Roderick Nelson, senior vice president and chief technology officer, AT&T Wireless. "As data usage among consumers intensifies, operators and vendors must work together to dramatically lower the cost-per-bit to carry this growth explosion. AT&T Wireless and Nokia share the vision of All-IP networks and the incredible breadth of services that this technology will provide."

All-IP networks will enable new applications including simultaneous delivery of voice and data, advanced multimedia applications such as high speed video streaming, rich calls and voice over IP (VoIP). Through All-IP Network architecture and services, carriers can not only optimize their networks for voice and data to migrate their systems from 2G to 3G, but they can reduce capital and operational costs through cost-competitive architecture.

"Together with AT&T Wireless, we have demonstrated our joint vision to make All IP-networks a reality," said Timothy Eckersley, senior vice president, Nokia Networks. "We look forward to a long and strong relationship with AT&T Wireless, and a continued collaboration to bring advanced 3G services to end users."

Major milestones during the successful 18-month project included rich call, VoIP, using Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) call control, Adaptive Multi-Rate speech codec (AMR), streaming audio and video, simultaneous voice and data calls with Quality of Service (QoS) scheduling, developing and testing EDGE and UMTS technologies that will be the foundation of 3G multimedia services. In addition, the tests validated key technologies of the Nokia All-IP solution: Ipv6 and IP-based Service Architecture, which is expected to be available in the first half of 2003.

All IP mobility core for 3G is critical as it supports and enables packet data transmission in the network, giving the capability for a range of new IP-based services to be delivered to future terminals as well as bringing smooth interactivity with Internet services.
AT&T Wireless and Nokia have signed a multi-million dollar agreement for the delivery of GPRS and EDGE-ready radio network systems and future generation wireless terminals. Nokia was chosen by AT&T Wireless to enable deployment of a network that that will accelerate the availability of advanced third-generation (3G) wireless communications services in the United States.

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