Symbian opens its source code to third party software and hardware developers

Initiative created to further innovation and momentum behind Symbian OS

Symbian Developer Expo, London UK, April 23rd 2002 - Symbian, the leading provider of the open, advanced operating system for data enabled mobile phones, today announced that it is setting up a new partnership initiative to promote the creation of innovative software and hardware technology solutions for Symbian OS. Under the new "Symbian Platinum Program" Symbian will allow members the same access to source code that it has already extended to mobile phone manufacturers. Companies that have already joined or committed to joining the program this week include Access, AppForge, ARM, Fathammer, Intel Corporation, Intuwave, Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, M-Systems, Pace Soft Silicon, Picsel, Superscape, STMicroelectronics, Synovial, TapRoot Systems Inc, TestQuest Inc., Texas Instruments and YDC.

Symbian Platinum Program members benefit from a range of Symbian products and services allowing them to design highly integrated hardware and software solutions for Symbian OS. The commercial services available to Symbian Platinum Partners include technical support and joint marketing opportunities. Symbian Platinum Partners will also get early access to the Symbian OS Development Kit™, which incorporates source code, test code, internal documentation, kernel and device driver programming interfaces and ROM building tools.

"By opening up our Symbian OS source code to Developers and Mobile phone manufacturers we will further build on the momentum already established to create a mass market for mobile data services," said David Wood, Executive Vice President, Partnering Evangelism and Research, Symbian.

Symbian already allows mobile phone companies access all relevant source code to allow them to develop tightly integrated and optimised solutions. The same access, to over 95% of Symbian's source code, will be extended to members of the Symbian Platinum Partner program.

Symbian and its partners will be demonstrating the latest phones, applications, services and technologies at this week's Symbian Developer Expo - where the mobile industry meets to create the future. With over 1,000 developers already registered for the expo, attendees will be able to hear from senior executives at mobile phone manufacturers, network operators and other wireless technology companies. For more information on Symbian's new Platinum Partner Program see Symbian's website at For registration for the Symbian Developer Expo see

Notes for Editors

The Symbian Platinum Partner program is divided into select groups depending upon the focus of the partner company. These include:

Symbian Technology Partners - selected for their ability to create and deliver enabling technology to Symbian OS licensees, software developers, network operators and enterprise integrators. Partners in this segment provide solutions in embedded, enterprise, content, application and service technology.

Symbian Connectivity Partners - create PIM connectivity solutions designed to keep critical information up-to-date and in sync with standard enterprise, web and desktop software, including calendar, e-mail, contacts and task-manager applications.
Symbian Tools Partners - provide a comprehensive set of software development tools and hardware reference platforms for developing winning hardware and software based on Symbian OS.

Symbian Development Partners - join seamlessly with the Symbian software engineering team providing components of the Symbian OS that are validated and tested to the highest standard. These components, forming an integral part of Symbian OS, are created through collaborative engineering projects with these partners.
Symbian Semiconductor Partners - provide silicon solutions to mobile phone manufacturers based around the ARM architecture. Contributions from this segment provide Symbian with a clear view of how mobile phone hardware platforms will develop, while allowing partners to appreciate the architectural hardware requirements of Symbian OS technology.

Symbian Competence Centers - are independent companies that have the specialist skills and expertise to contribute to the successful creation and development of Symbian OS phones. To shorten the time-to-market for Symbian OS mobile phones, these partners focus on developing software, and integration skills to work with a wide range of technologies for use with Symbian OS.

Symbian Training Partners - help Symbian to meet the international need for Symbian OS training. Members of this segment may be training companies, partners from other segments with specialist technology skills, or groups within larger organizations offering training services.

About Symbian

Symbian is a software licensing company, owned by wireless industry leaders, that is the trusted supplier of the advanced, open, standard operating system for data-enabled mobile phones. Symbian's mission is to create a mass-market for Symbian OS mobile phones by enabling our licensees to build winning products. Open Symbian OS phones announced by licensees include the Nokia 9200 Communicator series, the Nokia's 7650 imaging phone and Sony Ericsson's P800 smartphone. Symbian's website can be found at