Nokia begins shipments of its first CDMA2000 1X handsets

June 10, 2002

Classic category Nokia 6370 phone initially available to Leap’s Cricket customers

IRVING, TEXAS – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today announced that it has begun shipments of the Nokia 6370 wireless phone, Nokia’s first handset designed to take advantage of new CDMA2000 1X networks. Leap Wireless International, Inc (NASDAQ: LWIN), which offers Cricket, its unlimited local wireless service, in 40 markets, is the first wireless carrier to market the Nokia 6370 phone.

"Nokia and Leap have worked together to bring ‘comfortable wireless’ communications to our Cricket customers for more than two years," said Don McGuire, Leap’s vice president of sales and marketing. "We are excited to continue working with Nokia to offer CDMA2000 1X handsets in our 1X markets. By leveraging 1X technology, we can cost effectively increase voice capacity for our flat-rate, all-you-can-talk Cricket service while offering feature-rich state-of-the-art handsets like the Nokia 6370 phone that appeal to our customers."

Based on Nokia’s own CDMA2000 1X chipset, the Nokia 6370 phone offers CDMA carriers the opportunity to realize the benefits of their new CDMA2000 1X voice networks. With a full complement of features, including 2-way text messaging and downloadable ring tones, the Nokia 6370 phone is designed for the user who wants the latest technology in a classic form factor. A large phonebook holding up to 500 contacts with multiple entry fields and an extensive calendar and to-do list allows Nokia 6370 phone owners to keep important information in the palm of their hand.

Despite the powerful new features of the Nokia 6370 phone, previous Nokia users will find that the familiar menu structure and keypad layout makes learning how to access the new functionality quick and easy. Additionally, users upgrading from Nokia 5100 and 6100 series phones will find that most of their existing accessories, including car kits, charging stands and travel chargers, will also work with the new Nokia 6370 phone.

"The Nokia 6370 phone combines Nokia’s latest advances in wireless technology with our intuitive user interface to create a product that fulfills the carrier’s desire to utilize new networks as well as the end user’s need for a powerful, easy-to-use handset," said Soren Petersen, CDMA senior vice president and general manager for Nokia. "We are pleased that Leap will be the first carrier to offer the Nokia 6370 phone to customers of its innovative Cricket service."

Note: Features and services are carrier and network dependent and subject to change. Please check with service provider for availability and description of services.

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