Motorola and Cingular Wireless Collaborate to Offer Innovative New Handsets

Cingular exclusive provider of both the customized Motorola C331, and the tri-band PDA Motorola A388

Libertyville, Ill. and Atlanta - November 6, 2002- Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) and Cingular Wireless today announced the arrival of two new handsets, demonstrating the companies' commitment to providing consumers with innovative devices designed to enable self-expression. The new handsets are the Motorola C331, co-designed by the companies and offered exclusively to consumers in all Cingular markets nationwide; and the Motorola A388, another Cingular exclusive that's available in select Cingular GSM markets.

"By working with Cingular Wireless in designing the Motorola C331 handsets and in marketing the Motorola A388, we're able to provide the best solutions for their network and consumer needs," said Tim Cawley, Senior Vice President General Manager and of the North America Region for Motorola's Personal Communications Sector. "Our collaboration allows us to deliver solutions that are specifically tailored to help Cingular Wireless drive their business."

"The Motorola C331 and A388 are terrific additions to our product mix," said Frank Boyer, vice president - supply chain, Cingular Wireless. "Giving consumers the tools to express themselves means giving them choices - features, functionality and style. These new handsets certainly do that, and more."

About the Motorola C331
Collaborating on each aspect of the model C331, from the overall shape to the software features, Motorola and Cingular Wireless merged their collective knowledge of today's wireless trends to create an affordable communication tool that combines the latest in-demand features with trend-savvy customization.

In order to offer this new Cingular Wireless-exclusive product to consumers in all of Cingular Wireless' markets nationwide, Motorola created two versions of the model C331 - one GSM version and one TDMA version. The GSM Motorola C331 is one of the first GSM 850/1900 handsets available in the United States with AMR (adaptive multi-rate vocoder).

Putting all the fun in one small package, the GSM model C331 allows users to download features, including polyphonic ring tunes to customize the sound. Consumers can also purchase matching faceplates and grips for the exterior of the phone in a variety of color and design combinations. Armed with GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)*, the GSM model C331 makes digital personalization quick and easy.

Music mixers can let their imaginations loose using the GSM model C331's MotoMixer, which provides users the ability to compose ring tunes that play multiple instruments simultaneously. Additionally, specially formatted MIDI tunes can be downloaded from a special Cingular Wireless website: The GSM Motorola C331's new music composition technology and built-in polyphonic speaker provides rich audio, resulting in personal tunes that sound like actual musical chords.

Also, messaging can now involve several people using the peer-to-peer chat* feature on the Motorola C331 that bounces messages back and forth using online chat names.

The TDMA Motorola C331 offers consumer customization with changeable front and back covers and rubber side grips and downloadable and customizable iMelody Ring Tones.

About the Motorola A388
The tri-band model A388 - currently available in select Cingular Wireless GSM markets - gives consumers the ability to download applications and enjoy global usage, fast connection speeds and the latest in handwriting recognition technology.

Designed in a compact clam-shell form with a large touch-screen display, the Motorola A388 prioritizes the ability to communicate easily through phone calls, e-mail and SMS messaging*. Combined with an external caller-ID* to view numbers and text messages, the stylish model A388 first provides consumers with the kind of high-quality phone experience expected from Motorola.

The added thrill of the model A388 is the device's integration of the most popular PDA features, including an easy-to-use meeting calendar, task list, phone/address book, handwriting recognition software and the ability to sync with desktop calendars on Personal Information Managers and Personal Digital assistants - all in a compact package. In addition, consumers can use their Motorola A388 as a wireless modem or fax, print or beam information to other IrDA enabled devices via the phone's infrared port. The Motorola A388's large touch-screen display enables maximum control of the device with minimal effort. With the touch of a finger, or using the included stylus, consumers can choose how they dial and/or enter data.

The Motorola A388 is a GSM, tri-band phone, with GPRS technology, providing a faster and constant data connection in most major cities across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

*Network subscription and SIM card or service provider dependent features. Not available in all areas.

About Motorola
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About Cingular Wireless
Cingular Wireless, a joint venture between SBC Communications (NYSE - SBC) and BellSouth (NYSE - BLS), serves more than 22 million voice and data customers across the United States. A leader in mobile voice and data communications, Cingular is the only U.S. wireless carrier to offer Rollover, the wireless plan that lets customers keep their unused monthly minutes. Cingular provides cellular/PCS service in 43 of the top 50 markets nationwide, and provides corporate e-mail and other advanced data services through its GPRS and Mobitex packet data networks. Cingular offers customers advanced technologies in simple, cost-effective ways that permit them to tap the creative potential of wireless through their own self-expression. Details of the company are available at