Nokia delivers new dual band GSM and GAIT handsets to Cingular Wireless

November 26, 2002

Nokia supports Cingular’s GSM/GPRS expansion with new multi-band and multi-network phones

IRVING, TEXAS – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today announced that shipments to Cingular Wireless of three new handsets designed to support the expansion of GSM/GPRS networks in the United States have begun. These deliveries include the Nokia 6340i phone, the world’s first dual-band/tri-mode GAIT compliant handset and two new dual band GSM/GPRS products supporting GSM networks at both US frequencies (850/1900MHz), the Nokia 3590 and 6590 phones.

“The new Nokia 3590 and 6590 phones will allow Cingular customers to enjoy advanced wireless services available on Cingular Wireless’ new GSM/GPRS networks, and the Nokia 6340i phone will allow Cingular Wireless to maximize the usage of all of our network properties while providing the best possible service to customers as they roam nationwide,” said Frank Boyer, vice president-supply chain, Cingular Wireless. “The combination of these exciting new handsets with Cingular’s nationwide networks and customer service will create a compelling product offering for wireless customers.”

The dual-band Nokia 6590 phone (GSM/GPRS 850/1900MHz) packs all of the most needed business features into an ultra-compact 2.9 ounce handset. Infrared support allows owners to connect the Nokia 6590 phone to a laptop and enjoy a high-speed GPRS data connection and, by using the downloadable Nokia PC Suite, to synchronize their phonebook, calendar and to-do list. Additional features found on the Nokia 6590 phone include advanced voice functionality with voice dialing, voice memo recording, and voice activated menu commands, and an integrated FM radio for enjoying music, news and sports between calls.

Along with high-speed mobile Internet access over GPRS, the dual-band Nokia 3590 phone (GSM/GPRS 850/1900MHz) offers Cingular Wireless customers exciting new outlets for self-expression. Among the exciting features are new optional Xpress-on(TM) covers, including ‘Active’ covers with embedded lights that flash in synchronization with the downloadable polyphonic ring tones and customize the outside of the phone.

The GAIT-compliant Nokia 6340i phone (GSM 850/1900MHz/ TDMA 800/1900MHz/ AMPS) is the latest multi-technology phone offered in Nokia’s popular 6300-series form factor. It offers a wide range of features including a synchronizable phone book, calendar and to-do list, wireless Internet browser and text messaging with predictive text input. Powerful voice functionality, including voice dialing, voice memo recording and voice commands to control frequently used menu options, offers an additional measure of flexibility to Nokia 6340i phone owners.

“Nokia and Cingular have worked closely to bring these exciting new products to the marketplace,” said Pekka Vartiainen, vice-president of Nokia Mobile Phones, Americas. “These products are among the first to offer GSM at both US GSM bands (850/1900MHz) and now extend those same capabilities to the GAIT phone that we launched earlier this year. These phones offer Cingular’s customers a broader choice of highly featured, cost competitive products that can be used in more places than available with prior models.”

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