Nokia and Sony Ericsson to align developer tools for Symbian OS smartphones

February 17, 2003

Nokia and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications have agreed to further strengthen the momentum behind Symbian OS by aligning tools for the UIQ and Series 60 terminal software platforms and by creating an application certification program. This will substantially assist developers to develop, certify and deploy applications for Symbian OS phones, thereby accelerating availability of new applications for the new generation of multimedia mobile phones based on Symbian OS.

This collaboration between Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Symbian will make it possible for developers to use a unified tool set to develop Symbian OS applications for products using both UIQ and Series 60 terminal software platforms. Developers will also benefit from easier verification processes and faster time to market.

David Levin, CEO, Symbian Ltd said: "With Symbian OS phones shipping in markets worldwide, ever larger numbers of developers are taking advantage of the rapidly growing commercial opportunity in creating applications and services for Symbian OS phones. This new collaboration with Nokia and Sony Ericsson will drive even faster development and availability of innovative applications and services for Symbian OS phones."

UIQ, developed by UIQ Technology and used in Sony Ericsson's P800 Smartphone, provides a flexible, large screen user interface for small pen-based phones. The UIQ user interface platform is designed to enable easy to use access to enterprise applications, seamless messaging, powerful Internet and multimedia capabilities as well as simple synchronization with common desktop applications and SyncML servers via Infrared, Bluetooth(TM) and Serial Port connections.

Series 60 Platform is a software product for smart phones that Nokia licenses to other mobile-handset manufacturers. Manufacturers integrate the Series 60 Platform into their own phone designs running on top of the Symbian OS. The Series 60 Platform includes mobile browsing, multimedia messaging and content downloading, as well as a host of personal information management and telephony applications. In addition, the software platform includes a complete and modifiable user interface library.

Common Development on Common Tools
From Q2 2003, developers will benefit from being able to use a single tool set to target both Series 60 and UIQ devices. This will enable developers to address a larger population of Symbian OS phones, creating cost savings and improving time to market. Unified tool sets targeting both UIQ and Series 60 are currently under evaluation. Developers currently undertake native application development on Series 60 using Visual C++ tools. UIQ developers use Metrowerks' CodeWarrior tools.

Common Certification Program
Nokia and Sony Ericsson are also evaluating a common certification program for Symbian OS applications. This program is intended to enable application developers, network operators and phone customers to test, certify and sign applications for Symbian OS phones. Application developers will be able to assure their application's quality, helping to broaden the market for Symbian OS applications. In addition, network operators will be able to control application installation while users will be sure of the source, quality and integrity of Symbian OS applications.

Development and porting assistance
Nokia and Sony Ericsson will further assist application development for both UIQ and Series 60 by providing improved tools support, documentation and guidelines to developers who wish to port existing applications to other Symbian OS phones.

About Nokia
Nokia (NYSE:NOK) is the world leader in mobile communications. Backed by its experience, innovation, user-friendliness and reliable solutions, the company has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and a leading supplier of mobile, fixed broadband and IP networks. By adding mobility to the Internet Nokia creates new opportunities for companies and further enriches the daily lives of people. Nokia is a broadly held company with listings on six major exchanges.

About Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB offers mobile communications products for people who appreciate the possibilities of powerful technology. Established in 2001 by Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson and Sony Corporation, the joint venture continues to build on the success of its two innovative parent companies. Sony Ericsson creates value for its operator customers by bringing new ways of using multimedia communications while mobile. The company's management is based in London, and has 4,000 employees across the globe working on research, development, design, sales, marketing, distribution and support. For further information, please visit:

About Symbian
Symbian develops and licenses the global industry standard operating system for advanced mobile phones. The world's leading handset manufacturers license Symbian OS, including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. In total, Symbian OS licensees represent over 75% of worldwide mobile phone sales.

Symbian's mission is to create a global mass market for Symbian OS mobile phones by enabling its licensees to build winning products. Publicly announced Symbian OS phones include the NTT DoCoMo FOMA F2051, Sony Ericsson P800 Smartphone, Nokia 9210 series, 7650, 3650 and N-Gage. As at January 2003, 9 Symbian licensees had 20 Symbian OS phones in development. For further information about Symbian, please visit

About UIQ Technology AB
UIQ Technology develops and licenses world-class user interface platforms for Symbian OS based mobile phones. Publicly announced UIQ licensees include Sony Ericsson and BenQ Corp. The company also supports its licensees in implementing UIQ and in bringing enchanting mobile phones to market. UIQ Technology also provides a SDK (Software Development Kit) to enable application development for mobile phones based on UIQ.

UIQ Technology AB, established 1998 in Ronneby, Sweden, is a fully owned subsidiary of Symbian Ltd. The company currently has more than 90 employees. Sony Ericsson launched their first UIQ based device, the P800, at the end of 2002.