Danger, Inc. Announces Java Licensee Agreement with Sun Microsystems to Deliver Mobile Java Games and Services on Danger hiptop®

PALO ALTO, Calif.—September 4, 2003 -- Danger, Inc. announced today that it has signed an agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc (Nasdaq: SUNW) under which Danger is now a licensee of Java 2 Standard, Micro Edition™ (J2ME™). As part of the agreement, Danger will soon launch products that are compliant with the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) specifications, which have been a spectacular success for Sun in the worldwide mobile phone and wireless device market.

Danger and Sun’s agreement will enable the millions of Java™ developers to create new applications and services for Danger’s hiptop® platform once Danger’s integration of Java technology is complete. This is significant for users of Danger’s hiptop® devices as they will soon have access to a broad range of exciting Java applications such as games, location-based services, financial information, personal productivity tools, entertainment services and more, offered through wireless service providers in the form of “over-the-air” downloads to devices. Danger’s technology ­ based on the “network computer” philosophy ­ enables new applications to be added to its back-end service, and then pushed out wirelessly to users of its devices.

“We look forward to making the hiptop Development Platform available to the millions of Java developers, so that we can harness their creativity and offer the most interesting selection of content and services,” said John Arledge, Danger’s Vice President of Business Development. “Danger’s goal is to deliver an unmatched consumer experience on our hiptop devices.”

“We are pleased to welcome Danger into the Java community,” said Eric Chu, Director, J2ME Platform, Sun Microsystems. “The combination of Java technology and Danger’s innovative platform will enable users to expand their choice of mobile services and benefit from an exciting world of Java games and business applications.”

About Danger, Inc.

Danger's award-winning hiptop Wireless Solution enables wireless operators to deploy new applications and services quickly and economically to consumers over next-generation data networks. Today, this solution includes: the hiptop Service Delivery Engine—a suite of server-based infrastructure software, which is currently hosted as a service for wireless operators; the hiptop Development Platform—a platform for the development of mobile applications using industry standard development tools; and hiptop device designs—hardware designs for wireless all-in-one devices, which may be customized and branded by wireless operators. Additional information about the company and its products is available at www.danger.com.

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