Sony Ericsson launches new developer web portal and membership program

October 20, 2003

Sony Ericsson today announced enhanced services to the developer community with a new developer web portal and a new membership program. The new initiative comes in response to the very strong interest for the company’s application and content-led strategy and is timed to coincide with the launch of the new P900 smartphone as well as a range of other phones, such as the T630 and Z600.

All Sony Ericsson documentation, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and development tools that previously were found on Ericsson Mobility World can now be found on the new Sony Ericsson Developer World portal. Product information, tips, tricks and code samples for developing applications and content for all Sony Ericsson phones are also provided on Sony Ericsson Developer World. Registered members will be able to search and participate in the community forums, and access a Knowledge Base of over 250 support queries and solutions. Current members in the Ericsson Mobility World developer program are welcome to join the new Sony Ericsson Developer World.

Based on the developer’s needs, there will be three different membership levels – Community, Core and Core+ Member. For selected developers, with whom Sony Ericsson has entered a partner agreement to secure strategic applications development in time for new product launches, there will also be a fourth level, Core++ Member.

The re-launch includes a number of enhanced developer services. One important service which Sony Ericsson is offering its Core and Core+ members is the possibility to purchase selected phones before they are available on the market.

The go-to-market channel offered through the Sony Ericsson Application Shop, where C++, Java and Visual Basic applications are made available for a range of Sony Ericsson phones, gives third party developers the opportunity to get their applications marketed, sold and distributed. It has been a great success since its launch in March 2003, and now further improved by adding Over-the-Air (OTA) download functionality and an Application Shop Client on-device software catalog provided by Handango (see separate press release) for the Sony Ericsson P800, P802 and new P900. This will increase the exposure, ease of access for consumers and the distribution of third party applications.

“Supporting the developer community in bringing the necessary applications to market is vital to the success of market take-off. In the current transition from regular voice-usage of phones towards full-fledged multimedia services, it is important to ensure a steady flow of attractive applications and content for Sony Ericsson phones. Sony Ericsson Developer World is a central initiative to achieve this,” says Rikko Sakaguchi, senior vice president and head of Product & Application Planning at Sony Ericsson.

”Sony Ericsson's new developer web portal will strengthen our combined developer activities and give additional clarity in product ownership, customer and support. We are excited about our collaboration with Sony Ericsson in areas such as prototype loan programs, developer events, campaigns, application development competitions and operator sell-ins, all aiming to bring additional value and understanding of Ericsson’s complete end-to-end solutions and offerings,” says Anders Lundvall, Head of Ericsson Mobility World Developer Program at Ericsson.

Visit for more information about Sony Ericsson Developer World, the different membership levels and for subscribing to the monthly Sony Ericsson Developer Newsletter.

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