Nokia's CDMA efforts continue to pay dividends during second half of 2003

December 08, 2003

Nokia adds new CDMA customers, increases CDMA market share and leads the way in new technology

MIAMI - During the second half of 2003, Nokia's CDMA business reached a number of new milestones relating to both handsets as well as next-generation technology development. During this timeframe, Nokia has begun shipments of handsets to a group of the world's leading CDMA operators, helping to double Nokia's global CDMA market share during the year. In addition, lab tests and live demonstrations of cdma2000 1xEV-DV technology have helped move this new technology many steps closer to commercialization.

Since June 2003, Nokia has begun volume shipments of CDMA 1X handsets to leading operators in Canada, China and India, and can now claim the top 5 CDMA carriers in the United States as Nokia CDMA customers. Also during this timeframe, Nokia announced its first CDMA 1X camera phone, the Nokia 6225 handset and started production of CDMA handsets in China for distribution both in China and in other parts of the world.

Nokia also reinforced its leadership in CDMA technology with a series of cdma2000 1xEV-DV demonstrations and tests. In August, Nokia achieved the world's first 1xEV-DV data call in its San Diego CDMA product creation center. This call achieved peak data speeds of 3.09 Mbps using a Nokia 1xEV-DV chipset. In November, Nokia demonstrated live video streaming over 1xEV-DV at the 3G World Congress in Bangkok. Also in Bangkok, Nokia showcased the world's first prototype dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 handset, designed to support future IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) based networks.

"In the second half of 2003, Nokia has seen positive results from the investments in time and energy that we have made in CDMA technology. Nokia CDMA handsets are increasingly available from leading operators around the world, and the contributions that Nokia has made to CDMA technology will shape the direction of mobility for years to come," said Soren Petersen, senior vice president and general manager of Nokia's CDMA business. "However, the industry still faces challenges in realizing the full potential of CDMA technology, especially in areas like seamless roaming, standardized service offerings and MMS codec interoperability. Nokia believes that these issues can be solved through open solutions and standardization work, and we will use our growing leadership position in these areas to ensure the continued growth of the CDMA industry."

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