Series 60 Complete Design Model accelerates cost-efficient creation of state-of-the-art mobile devices

February 23rd, 2004, 3GSM World Congress, Cannes, France - Strengthening the position of Series 60 smart phone platform, the new Series 60 Complete Design Model was introduced today at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes.

The Series 60 Complete Design Model is a complementary licensing and development model for smart phones based on Series 60 that improves time-to-market and enables generic platform to be used also for market segments with highly specific requirements. The model can further extend the use of Series 60 Platform to handset manufacturers that target the segments, which have not been easily accessible before. It is a combined effort of the Series 60 Product Creation Community covering reference implementations from Motorola and Texas Instruments, and complete phone designs from the first Series 60 Boutiques: Elektrobit Group PLC and Teleca PLC.

The Series 60 Boutiques, working as skilled and independent software vendors able to build complete phone designs, will be instrumental in diversifying the Series 60 based mobile device offering, leveraging the source code and acting as the ready-to-immediate-deployment interface towards the licensees. As a completion of the current Series 60 licensing model, handset manufacturers can also selectively outsource the phone designs through the Series 60 Complete Design Model, thus rapidly expanding their offering by using the boutiques to develop software according to their specifications and hardware requirements. By using a boutique, manufacturers may significantly speed time-to-market and may also increase customization while substantially cutting development costs, efforts and risks. This should increase the availability of Series 60 based smart phones from multiple manufacturers for diverse purposes. It is also likely to encourage operators to launch service offerings for this broad and increasingly segmented category of phones, which will address high volume markets.

"As the smart phone market matures and segments, the use of outsourced assets such as the Series 60 Boutiques, enables handset manufacturers to meet the requirements of operators and users of mobile devices," said Antti Vasara, Vice President of Technology Marketing and Sales, Technology Platforms, Nokia. "Backed by a strong product creation community and best-of-breed licensing models, Series 60 based smart phones are poised to secure a strong position in the mid-range products."

The powerful Series 60 Product Creation Community, including Wireless Technology Providers, Competence Centers and Contractors, will offer complementary solutions to Series 60 Boutiques. Boutiques will specialize in further customizing and extending the functionality and add features on top of Series 60, thus enriching the offering that Series 60 Product Creation Community and Series 60 licensees are providing.

Also announced today were reference implementations from Motorola and Texas Instruments supporting all the Series 60 based product development, for example in leveraging the Series 60 Complete Design Model. The Texas Instruments reference implementation supports the TI P2 sample development environment. Nokia and Texas Instruments have agreed to extend this offering with combinations of software and hardware to Series 60 customers, aiming at helping them shorten time-to-market and cut costs. The Motorola i.300 illustrates the first implementation of Series 60 in WCDMA, allowing Series 60 customers' access to software and hardware well in advance of its availability date in the fourth quarter of 2004.

The Series 60 Platform encompasses software elements, user interface and applications necessary to create a smart phone. Optimized for the Symbian OS, the Series 60 Platform strives to enable significant creativity and differentiation by licensees. In addition, the common software platform ensures interoperability and application compatibility between the different licensees smart phones. For more information, please visit

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