New Nokia 6820 Messaging Phone Now Available Exclusively from AT&T Wireless

March 23, 2004

Nokia 6820 Messaging Phone and AT&T Wireless' GSM/EDGE Network Bring Next Generation Mobile Data Services to the Mobile Professiona

ATLANTA - AT&T Wireless (NYSE: AWE) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today announced the Nokia 6820 messaging phone, which is designed to accommodate the demanding voice and messaging needs of the mobile professional. The Nokia 6820 phone is a sophisticated all-in-one device that has a full alphanumeric, folding keyboard, MMS capabilities, and Bluetooth connectivity for optimized messaging.

The Nokia 6820 phone is the second offering in Nokia's messenger device family that features a unique rotating color display and folding keyboard. The Nokia 6820 messaging phone enhances the wireless experience with a wider keypad to eliminate cumbersome entries, an integrated camera for picture taking and sharing, numerous messaging options including Short Message Service (SMS) or texting, Multi-media messaging (MMS), Personal Information Management (PIM), Instant messaging and Email. The Nokia 6820 phone also supports packet data on EDGE for faster data transmission.

Additionally, the Nokia 6820 phone comes pre-configured with an e-mail application for access to mMode Mail, and supports XHTML browsing for access to online mMode content and JavaTM technology for downloading new applications. Users can install new applications over the air via mMode. A convenient Notes application supports up to 3,000 characters of text, which can be sent as a text message or transferred to a PC for later reference. This messaging phone also offers speakerphone and voice recorder capabilities, as well as rich PIM functionality including contacts, calendar and to-do list which can be synchronized with many popular PC programs using the Nokia PC Suite available for free downloaded from

Enhanced features on the Nokia 6820 messaging phone include a full-color display, 5-way scroll and integrated speakerphone. Additionally, because the phone is multi-band (850/1800/1900), customers will experience international roaming with enhanced coverage and quality services from recent AT&T Wireless network upgrades.

"The Nokia 6820 is the perfect complement to our messaging services, offering customers a familiar option for typing and sending text messages," said Rod Nelson, chief technology officer for AT&T Wireless. "It also gives customers access to all the advanced features of our mMode data services and fast data connections through our EDGE network."

For as little as $2.99 a month plus usage charges, mMode gives AT&T Wireless customers dozens of ways to stay connected to the people and things they care about. With mMode they can e-mail friends, check the latest news or sports scores, get driving directions, see if their flight is on time, or play a Kung Fu game, among many other possibilities. The Nokia 6820 messaging phone is available from AT&T Wireless for $349.99, before rebates..

The Nokia 6820 is now available at participating AT&T Wireless retail outlets or through the AT&T Wireless web site (

Some features and services are dependent on the carrier, the network, and the compatibility of other devices, supported digital content formats, and other factors. Please refer to the user guide for complete information. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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