Nokia Expands Developer Support for CDMA

June 28, 2004

Ability to Port Between GSM and CDMA Devices Allows Developers to Seize More of Mobile Marketplace

San Francisco, CA, June 28, 2004 - Nokia (NYSE:NOK), the global leader in mobility, is helping software developers in search of broader market opportunities to more easily embrace its growing CDMA product portfolio. Today at JavaOne, Forum Nokia, Nokia's global developer organization, announced that it now has a total of 14 Nokia CDMA Series 40 developer platform compliant devices, which bring color displays and advanced technology to the mass market.

Nokia builds mobile phone software with a platform approach that minimizes the time and expense developers spend porting applications among mobile devices. The 14 CDMA devices are compliant with Nokia's Series 40 Developer Platform, which is based on Java, browsing and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and includes adaptations specifically designed for the CDMA market. Using these standard enablers, developers can build applications for CDMA and GSM handsets without regard to network technology

By expanding its CDMA device support, Forum Nokia is increasing developers' addressable marketplace. Worldwide, out of the 108 carriers that have announced support for Java technology, more than a dozen of them are CDMA carriers. Developers can access the support provided by Forum Nokia to easily port applications developed for GSM handsets to CDMA devices, opening doors for applications to far more operators and end users.

"Our goal is to make it easy to simultaneously develop mobile applications for the vast GSM marketplace as well as the significant base of CDMA end-users," said Lee Epting, vice president, Forum Nokia. "By extending our platform offering to a wider range of CDMA devices, in addition to our global GSM portfolio, we can deliver the largest possible addressable marketplace and maintain our leadership in creating volume business opportunities for developers around the world.

"By using the device specifications, platform SDKs, and documentation and with minimal customization efforts, developers can deliver solutions to serve both the CDMA and GSM markets, achieving wider revenue opportunities. We support developers throughout the process of designing, coding, optimizing and selling their solutions."

General resources from Forum Nokia that facilitate porting of applications between GSM and CDMA devices include:

Device specifications at
Known issues at

In additional, Forum Nokia offers CDMA-specific documents at, including:

MIME Types in Nokia CDMA Phones
Browser Characteristics in Nokia CDMA Phones
MIDI and True Tones in Nokia Phones
AT Command set for Nokia CDMA Products
Messaging Characteristics In Nokia CDMA Phones

Nokia is building a strong portfolio of high-performing CDMA handsets to satisfy demand in the entry level, mid- and high-end of the CDMA market. Nokia has shipped more than 43 million CDMA devices in the 13 years since becoming one of the first manufacturers to begin research and development efforts in CDMA technology. In 2003, Nokia shipped CDMA devices to 65 operators in 25 countries. By the end of 2003, Nokia enjoyed a solid position as one of the top 3 CDMA handset suppliers globally.

Forum Nokia's Developer Platform offering unites a group of devices with common parameters and APIs, offering developers volume opportunities across a range of handsets with minimal customization. To date, more than 60 Developer Platform compliant models have been launched. In 2003, Nokia shipped over 70 million Developer Platform devices. Nokia has estimated they will ship more than 100 million Developer Platform devices in 2004. (February 2004.)

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