Forum Nokia Introduces Series 40 Platform 3rd edition for Mobile Application Developers

June 13, 2005

Larger displays and new API support expand opportunities to create rich applications in the high-volume device range

Nokia Connection 2005, Helsinki, Finland - Nokia (NYSE:NOK), the global leader in mobility, today introduced the new edition of its Series 40 Platform for application development, opening up new opportunities for developers and operators to target a broader consumer marketplace. The new Series 40 Platform 3rd edition enables richer multimedia applications and services for Nokia's Java(TM)-enabled mobile phones. The Series 40 Platform 3rd edition follows the launch of new Nokia devices with enhanced Series 40 UI (user interface), the Nokia 6280, Nokia 6270, and Nokia 6265, that will be available in the fourth quarter, 2005.

The new Series 40 Platform 3rd edition is a full hardware, software and Application Programming Interface architecture that provides an enhanced UI and support for rich multi-media applications.

The advanced edition will open the door to rich multimedia consumer and business applications in the high-volume device range, particularly in the gaming and personal productivity categories. Features of the new edition include streaming media, multiple screen sizes and resolutions and more Application Programming Interface (API) support for Java.

The new Platform brings streaming video and audio to the mass market, including broad support for the latest messaging, browsing, music, and video standards. The Series 40 3rd Edition will also include the features and functions of the previous editions, enabling Java developers to leverage the capabilities of MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1, and OMA Digital Rights Management and Client Provisioning Standards.

"We are extremely pleased to be enhancing the capabilities of the Series 40 Platform which demonstrates our strong commitment to Java in the mobile environment," said Lee Epting, vice president, Forum Nokia, Nokia's global developer support program. "By incorporating advanced Java technologies and support for larger screen sizes and higher resolutions, the new platform will provide an advanced mobile experience to consumers and business users and bring rich mobile applications to new segments of the market."

Series 40 Platform 3rd Edition provides a number of new Java Specification Request (JSR) implementations that provide an expanded range of APIs, including interactive 3D graphics (JSR-184) and file connection and information management capabilities (JSR-75).

"The support for these APIs will give developers powerful tools to quickly and easily provide highly advanced functionality for the Series 40 based devices," said Ms. Epting. "The Interactive 3D graphics will enable richer games, messaging, custom user interfaces, product visualization and much more," she explained. "Developers of consumer and enterprise applications also gain access to local files, including those contained in the personal information manager (PIM), enabling applications to be built that give users more interaction with their friends and associates and better control over their busy schedules."

The Series 40 Platform 3rd Edition is part of Nokia's platform strategy for supporting mobile application development. By offering technology platforms that remain consistent across multiple handsets, Nokia's developer platform approach maximizes developers' volume opportunities and minimizes the need to port applications and services to individual handsets. Developers can build core functionality on top of the platform technologies, and then optimize their applications for user interfaces and technology extensions on specific target devices.

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