Mobile - Standards

1989-01-25   Cellular Phone Pact Reached

1990-09-16   Can Cellular Phone Companies Agree On a New Standard for Transmission?

1992-01-09   Digital Cellular Telephony
1992-03-04   FCC Gives OK For New Cellular Field Trials
1992-03-04   Thumbnail sketch of CDMA
1992-03-15   Next for the Cellular Phone
1992-04-21   CDMA Proposed EIA/TIA Interim Standard  More
1992-05-21   An Overview of the Application of CDMA to Digital Cellular Systems  [PDF]

1995-09-xx   Wireless Technologies and the National Information Infrastructure  [PDF]

1996-12-08   GSM Milestones: Fourteen Years of Continued Success  Original
1996-12-16   Communications Industry Paves the Way for Mobile Multimedia Services

1997-06-04   Leading CDMA Vendors Join To Develop Next Generation Digital Wireless Standards
1997-10-23   ITU Works Towards Global Standards for Mobile Telecommunications
1997-11-17   UMTS Forum Report on UMTS/IMT-2000 Spectrum Requirements  [PDF]

1998-06-04   Qualcomm Weighs-In on Capitol Hill Regarding 3G Standards Debate
1998-06-30   Evaluation of Radio Transmission Technology for Third Gen Mobile Systems (IMT-2000)
1998-08-06   Qualcomm Responds to ETSI on Third Generation Technology Issues
1998-10-13   Qualcomm Provides IPR Position to ITU for Third-Generation Proposals
1998-10-15   ITU leads the way in third generation evolution  More
1998-11-10   IMT-2000 The Business Case and Key Markets  [PPT]
1998-11-10   Why 3rd Generation?  [PPT]
1998-11-10   IMT-2000 Standardization  [PPT]
1998-11-11   Evolution of TDMA to 3G  [PDF]
1998-11-17   UMTS Forum Recognizes ITU's Vital Role in 3G Success
1998-12-07   CDMA-based RTT proposals for IMT-2000 could be excluded from further consideration
1998-12-07   IMT-2000 Standardization in ITU  [PDF]
1998-12-10   Qualcomm Responds to Ericsson's Proposal for Harmonization
1998-12-23   U.S. Urges Europe Not To Impose A Digital-Wireless Standard

1999-01-20   US Welcomes EC Statement of Support for ITU Process on Setting Mobile Standards
1999-01-27   World Standards Organizations Launch Project For Third-Generation Wireless  More
1999-02-05   Consultations on 3G-related IPR issues intensify to keep standardization on track
1999-03-04   ITU Secretary-General, Yoshio Utsumi, to hold high-level talks on future of 3G  More
1999-03-25   ITU approves characteristics for the radio interfaces of third generation mobile systems
1999-03-25   Ericsson and Qualcomm Reach Global CDMA Resolution  More
1999-06-15   Major progress in Beijing on standardization of IMT-2000
1999-07-13   3GPP2 to Accept Operator's Harmonization Group's Recommendations for 3G Standards
1999-09-21   ITU convenes to fine-tune the final steps to common global IMT-2000 standard
1999-10-xx   IMT-2000 Standardization  [PDF]  More  [YouTube]
1999-10-22   IMT-2000 takes centre stage at TELECOM 99
1999-11-05   IMT-2000 Radio Interface Specifications Approved

2000-05-30   Thumbs up for IMT-2000
2000-06-08   Qualcomm Expects Early Global Deployment of 3G CDMA Technology  More

2001-03-28   The Economics of Mobile Wireless Data  [PDF]
2001-10-25   Enhanced IMT-2000 specifications for improved data performance approved
2001-11-12   Industry leaders announce commitment to open mobile architecture

2002-06-12   Open Mobile Alliance, Formed to Foster Worldwide Growth in the Mobile Services Market

2003-05-14   About mobile technology and IMT-2000

2004-06-23   Mobile Operators to Define Requirements for Open Mobile Terminal Platform  [PDF]

2007-11-05   Industry Leaders Announce Open Platform for Mobile Devices

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