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1996-07-15   Psion Forms New Company to License its World Leading PDA Platform - See document
1996-09-23   Psion releases Rapid Application Development environment for EPOC16 platform - See document

1997-01-21   Psion: Past, Present, and Maybe Future of PDAs - See document
1997-03-13   Psion licenses Java for its EPOC32 platform - See document
1997-06-16   Psion Software launches EPOC32 - See document  More

1998-06-24   Mobile communications products manufacturers partner to create Symbian
1998-07-24   Symbian joins Bluetooth consortium
1998-10-28   Motorola signs with wireless industry leaders to join Symbian initiative

1999-01-14   Symbian acquires Ericsson Mobile Applications Lab
1999-03-18   New Innovative Smartphone launched by Ericsson  More
1999-05-25   Symbian joint venture expands with Matsushita as new Shareholder
1999-06-15   Symbian releases latest EPOC technology for future Smartphones and Communicators
1999-10-15   Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Oracle, Palm Computing, Symbian to foster Mobile Internet apps
1999-12-10   Ericsson remains committed to Symbian and EPOC

2000-11-06   Symbian platform v6.0

2001-03-21   Symbian platform v6.1
2001-04-01   Ericsson and Sony to create world leader in mobile phones - See document  More  More
2001-10-01   Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications established today - See document

2002-01-29   Symbian secures additional funding
2002-02-19   Symbian integrates latest 3G technologies in Symbian OS v7.0
2002-02-20   Symbian announces UIQ user interface for Symbian OS
2002-03-05   Sony Ericsson launches its first phone for the Americas - See document  More
2002-03-05   Sony Ericsson introduces a GPS-enabled tri-mode phone for CDMA systems โ€“ the T206 - See document
2002-03-05   Sony Ericsson unveils the P800, a multimedia smartphone with inbuilt camera
2002-03-05   Sony Ericsson cooperates with Sun around Java technology for multimedia phones - See document
2002-04-23   Symbian opens its source code to third party software and hardware developers
2002-04-23   Symbian joint venture expands with Siemens as new shareholder - Shareholders list
2002-04-24   Symbian creates partnership with mobile industry's developer communities
2002-05-xx   Symbian OS  More  [PDFs]
2002-06-17   Sony Ericsson unveils the T61d - first Sony Ericsson phone for TDMA markets - See document
2002-08-27   Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Showed Signs of Rebounding
2002-09-24   Sony Ericsson unveils the T100 mobile phone for modern youth - See document
2002-12-02   Industry leaders partner with Symbian

2003-02-xx   Symbian OS Version 7.0  More  More  [PDFs]
2003-02-17   Samsung becomes Symbian shareholder
2003-02-17   Sony Ericsson unveils its first commercial 3G phone - See document
2003-02-18   UIQ Technology unveils UIQ 2.1 for Symbian OS
2003-03-04   Sony Ericsson unveils T310 mobile phone featuring cult action sports game - See document
2003-03-04   Sony Ericsson unveils the visually powerful T610 mobile phone with integrated camera - See document
2003-03-04   Sony Ericsson unveils the T606, a CDMA phone with mobile entertainment - See document  More
2003-04-28   Symbian publishes OPL language source code under LGPL  More
2003-04-29   Symbian launches Symbian OS v7.0s at Exposium03
2003-06-03   Sony Ericsson unveils the T226 mobile phone โ€“ offering great value with MMS - See document
2003-06-24   Sony Ericsson increases focus on GSM/UMTS/EDGE and streamlines R&D operations - See document
2003-09-03   Sony Ericsson announces the T230, a communication, entertainment phone - See document
2003-08-09   Nokia and Psion start procedures to enable transfer of Symbian shares from Motorola
2003-08-28   3 and Motorola launch the A920 - first Symbian OS handset manufactured by Motorola
2003-09-03   Sony Ericsson announces the Z200 mobile phone designed for fun and personalization - See document  More
2003-09-26   Agreement gives NTT DoCoMo access to Symbian OS source code
2003-10-20   Sony Ericsson unveils the P900 โ€“ a flagship multimedia smartphone
2003-10-20   Sony Ericsson unveils the T630 camera phone for stylish mobile imaging - See document
2003-10-20   Sony Ericsson launches new developer web portal and membership program - See document
2003-10-20   Sony Ericsson expands on-line services, applications and content to consumers - See document

2004-02-xx   Symbian Smartphones for the Enterprise  [PDF]
2004-02-23   Symbian OS version 8.0
2004-02-23   UIQ Technology unveils UIQ 3.0 delivering full one-handed and pen-based operation
2004-07-07   Mobile industry backs Symbian for mobile OS leadership  More  [PDF]
2004-10-04   UIQ Technology goes for Opera

2005-02-xx   Symbian in the Enterprise  More  [PDF]
2005-02-03   Symbian OS version 9
2005-02-14   UIQ Technology demonstrated UIQ 3.0 at 3GSM

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