Open Source Software - Advocacy

1997-05-18   The Cathedral and the Bazaar  More
1997-06-23   Christine L. Peterson
1997-07-06   Debian's "Social Contract" with the Free Software Community

1998-03-xx   Freeware: The Heart & Soul of the Internet
1998-04-01   O'Reilly Brings Together Creators of Perl, Apache, Linux and Mozilla  More
1998-04-02   RMS should be invited to O'Reilly's "Free Software Summit"
1998-04-09   Innovators Advocate Free Software  Linux  Mozilla
1998-04-14   Let my software go
1998-04-30   When Freeware Isn't Free
1998-06-15   Rally at Win98 release party  More
1998-06-23   IBM Teams Up With Apache  More
1998-06-25   Linux Revolt of '98  More  More  More  More  More  More  More
1998-06-28   Launch Win98 on a Rocket  More
1998-07-13   Open Sesame
1998-07-22   Open Source Software Takes Off
1998-07-29   Open Source Software
1998-08-10   For the love of Hacking
1998-08-11   Open Source Software, (New?) Development Methodology  [PDF]  HTML
1998-08-11   Linux OS Competitive Analysis - The Next Java VM?  [PDF]  HTML
1998-10-08   Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) - See document  [PDF]  More  More
1998-11-03   Microsoft Executives' Concern Over Free Software  More  More  More
1998-11-04   Memo angers open source advocates  More  More
1998-11-06   Microsoft Responds to Internal Memo  More
1998-11-11   Keep up pressure on Microsoft  More  More  More
1998-11-14   Open-Source and programming style
1998-11-17   Tim O'Reilly responds to Stallman  More
1998-11-25   An Open Letter to AOL
1998-11-16   Doing It For The Cause
1998-12-06   History of the Open Source effort
1998-12-17   The Cathedral, The Bazaar, And The Reseller
1998-12-19   IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux - See document  More
1998-12-20   The Halloween Documents: An Appreciation

1999-01-21   Demonstrations, pamphlets, law work, Refund Day  More
1999-01-28   Fans of Linux Plan to March On Microsoft  More  More
1999-02-12   NY Windows Refund Day  More  More  More  More
1999-02-15   Windows Refund Day  [YouTube]  More  More  More  More  More  More  [YouTube]
1999-02-17   It's Time to Talk About Free Software Again
1999-03-01   2nd Open Source Summit  More
1999-03-06   Christine L. Peterson
1999-03-14   VA Research Linux Systems offering free hosting to oss projects
1999-04-15   Linux talk in Reykjavik, April 20
1999-04-20   Bruce Perens talks about Open Source  [WMA]
1999-06-20   Some very thought-provoking ideas about OS architecture
1999-06-28   Shut Up And Show Them The Code
1999-07-09   The Magic Cauldron  [PDF]
1999-07-13   Keeping an Open Mind
1999-08-28   Bob Young to speak at LXNY meeting  More
1999-09-08   Open Source - AUUG'99  More  Photos  Photos
1999-09-12   Doing It For The Cause  More  More
1999-09-22   IBM's money thwarts the GPL
1999-11-01   Red Hat Center For Open Source  More
1999-11-01   IBM Sponsors Open Source Software Conference  More
1999-11-03   Red Hat Unveils Program to Accelerate Adoption of Open Source

2000-01-02   DVDCA and the Big Lie
2000-03-17   Exemption to Prohibition on Copyright Protection Systems Circumvention - See document  More
2000-03-21   Linux Users to Protest DMCA in Washington, DC  More
2000-04-24   Linux users to protest the DMCA  More  More  More  More  More
2000-05-18   DMCA protest at Stanford University  More
2000-06-07   Doing It For The Cause
2000-06-09   Free software vs. open source
2000-07-17   NY Linux Users Demonstrate at DVD Trial  More  More
2000-09-11   Red Hat Center, University of North Carolina launch  More
2000-09-12   Empower the people: Gates' vision
2000-09-18   Response to Bill Gates regarding ease-of-use with Linux and Open Source
2000-10-17   Red Hat Center Fact Sheet  More  More
2000-10-18   Open letter to Carly Fiorina and HP  Response
2000-11-28   Red Hat Center's grant funds public access to Cornell's Legal Information Institute
2000-12-04   Bruce Perens joins HP  More

2001-02-01   Larry Augustin, Open Source and Free Software  [YouTube]
2001-02-01   Windows Refund Day In Review  [YouTube]
2001-02-01   Eric Raymond, Communism and Free Software  [YouTube]
2001-02-01   Bruce Perens, Open Source and Free Software  [YouTube]
2001-02-09   Center for the Public Domain (formerly Red Hat Center) Funds Projects - See document
2001-02-26   Microsoft is attacking Linux and Open Source
2001-06-19   Gates wades into open-source debate
2001-07-25   DMCA Community Declaration
2001-07-24   The O'Reilly Debate: Red Hat and Microsoft to Square Off
2001-08-18   Open Source v Free Software  [YouTube]
2001-09-24   Doing It For The Cause

2002-04-30   Open Standards: Principles and Practice  More
2002-07-28   Doing It For The Cause
2002-09-00   HP IT contributes to open source  [PDF]  More  [PDF]
2002-09-09   Bruce Perens leaves HP
2002-12-04   Perens: Avoid repeating Unix mistakes

2003-01-23   David Glance talks about Open Source  [WMA]  More  [PDF]
2003-01-24   Jeremy Malcolm talks about Open Source licensing  [WMA]  More  [PDF]
2003-05-19   IBM to enlist Eric S Raymond?
2003-05-28   No Secrets  More
2003-05-28   You Can't Make Money with Open Source Software  [YouTube]
2003-05-28   Intellectual Property and Open Source Software  [YouTube]
2003-05-29   Open Source Software Perspectives  [YouTube]
2003-06-03   OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint
2003-07-31   OSDL Releases Position Paper on SCO and Linux  Paper  [PDF]
2003-08-14   SCO vs. IBM Q&A
2003-08-20   SCO's Evidence: This Smoking Gun Fizzles Out  More  Analysis
2003-08-22   An Open Letter to Darl McBride
2003-08-22   OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint
2003-09-08   Will Linux Luminary 'Shred' SCO's Unix Claims?
2003-11-11   IBM Helps Promote Linux
2003-11-24   OSDL Releases Position Paper Disputing SCO Linux Claims

2004-01-12   OSDL Establishes Fund to Address SCO's Threat to Customers
2004-02-10   OSDL Releases Paper on SCO Lawsuit with Novell  Paper  [PDF]
2004-03-11   SCO's Tapestry of Lies
2004-05-25   OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint
2004-08-13   A Big Fly in the Open-Source Soup
2004-10-07   I work at Google now
2004-10-08   Linucon  More
2004-10-26   Ballmer Blames Software Piracy on Spendy Hardware
2004-12-14   The Linux Marketplace - Moving From Niche to Mainstream  [PDF]

2005-04-28   Why I Don't Worry about SCO, and Never Did
2005-09-30   Linucon  More  More  More  More  More  More

2006-01-11   So what's up  More
2006-05-03   Overview of Patent Provisions in the First Draft of GPLv3  [PDF]
2006-08-17   Celebrating 20 Years of Linux
2006-11-04   A short post on the Microsot/Novell deal
2006-12-15   Fake Steve Jobs to Linus Torvalds

2007-01-28   I don't have a penguin in my basement  More  [PDF]
2007-02-14   Yes, Dammit, Groklaw's PJ Exists.
2007-03-14   Open Source and Open Standards  [YouTube]
2007-03-27   OSDL payments to Groklaw?
2007-05-14   Microsoft takes on the free world
2007-05-14   And thus, the inevitable patent apocalypse was made closer

2008-10-10   Measuring the true success of

2009-07-02   The Open-Minded Professor  [PDF]

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