Open Source Software

1991-07-03   BSD Networking Software, Release #2 - See document  More

1992-07-21   4.3BSD-NET2 distribution requires AT&T license - See document
1992-10-21   BSD Net/2 distribution by UCB/CSRG suspended - See document

1994-04-20   BSD distribution announcement  More  More

1995-12-04   Apache Web Server  More  More  More  More

1997-06-xx   Apache HTTP Server  More

1998-04-xx   Apache HTTP Server  More
1998-08-10   Open Source organization
1998-11-22   OSI launch announcement
1998-11-24   'Open Source' trademark
1998-12-13   The Open Source Initiative needs your help

1999-06-16   'OSI Certified' Open Source mark

2000-07-19   Sun Microsystems open sources StarOffice technology  More
2000-08-30   Open Source Development Lab formed by HP, Intel, IBM, NEC

2001-07-xx   A business case study of Open Source software  [PDF]

2002-01-30   OSDL with industry leaders to guide Linux development
2002-02-xx   Apache HTTP Server  More
2002-04-30 1.0
2002-11-08   OSDL names Jerry Greenberg Chief Executive Officer

2003-04-21   OSDL selects IBM networking executive Stuart Cohen for CEO
2003-11-26   OSDL launches Linux kernel awareness initiative

2005-02-01   Software Freedom Law Center founded to assist Open Source developers - See document
2005-10-20 2.0

2006-04-03   Software Freedom Conservancy offers protections to free, open source projects - See document
2006-05-22   2005 annual report to OSDL members  More  [PDFs]
2006-12-04   OSDL cuts staff, focuses on legal issues

2007-01-22   Linux Foundation launches, OSDL and Free Standards Group merge

2008-10-13 3.0

2009-07-22   Coalition to promote adoption of Open Source software in government

2010-09-20 Community announces The Document Foundation  More  More

2011-01-25   LibreOffice 3.3  More
2011-01-26 3.3
2011-04-15   Oracle to move to a community-based project
2011-06-01   Statements on contribution to Apache  More  More  More  More
2011-06-15   First TDF Advisory Board members demonstrate corporate support for LibreOffice
2011-07-13   Symphony contribution
2011-10-18   Incubation, podling, IP Clearance

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