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Open Source Software - Intellectual Property

2000-08-30   Open Source Development Lab formed by HP, Intel, IBM, NEC - See document

2003-11-14   OSDL to fund Torvalds legal representation in SCO litigation
2003-12-01   Linux Risk-Management Working Group  The Albright Group

2004-01-22   OSRM Working Group meeting
2004-02-02   Groklaw editor joins OSRM  [PDF]
2004-03-17   OSRM unveils vendor-neutral risk mitigation services  [PDF]
2004-04-19   OSRM launches Open Source legal defense center  [PDF]  More
2004-04-19   OSRM certifies Linux kernel free of copyright infringement  [PDF]
2004-05-10   Bruce Perens joins Open Source Risk Management's board of directors  [PDF]
2004-08-xx   OSRM team
2004-08-26   OSDL names Diane Peters as General Counsel
2004-11-21   PJ resigns from OSRM
2004-12-27   Open Source Software Licensing/Legal Track

2005-01-11   IBM statement of non-assertion of named patents against OSS  [PDF]
2005-02-01   Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) founded to assist Open Source developers

2006-04-03   Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) offers protections to free, open source projects

2007-01-22   Linux Foundation Launches, OSDL and Free Standards Group merge - See document

2008-08-05   A guide to GPL compliance for software engineers and managers  [WMA]  More
2008-11-11   Introducing the Software Freedom Law Show  [WMA]

2009-12-14   Best Buy, Samsung, Westinghouse, named in SFLC lawsuit  More  [PDF]  WMAs:  More  More

2010-06-07   Motion against Westinghouse in GPL compliance lawsuit  More  [PDF]  More  [WMA, 04:52]
2010-06-24   Distributing Linux without any source or an offer to provide source - See document  More  More
2010-08-03   Default judgment for BusyBox GPL enforcement  More  [PDF]  More  [WMA, 05:23]
2010-10-04   Software Freedom Conservancy appoints executive director
2010-10-06   Introducing Free as in Freedom  [WMA]

2011-02-28   Red Hat's 'obfuscated' kernel source - See document
2011-03-04   Red Hat: 'Yes, we undercut Oracle with hidden Linux patches' - See document  More  More
2011-03-04   Is Red Hat violating the GPL? - See document  More  More
2011-04-07   Linux kernel license violations  [WMA]  More  [PDF]  More  More  [WMA]
2011-07-29   GPL compliance: A historical perspective  [WMA]  More  [PDF]  More
2011-08-15   Software Freedom Conservancy directors

2012-01-30   The ongoing fight against GPL enforcement - See document  More  More  More
2012-02-01   Thoughts on GPL enforcement
2012-05-29   GPL Compliance Project for Linux developers  More  [WMA]

2013-01-xx   Software Freedom Conservancy 2011 annual report  [PDF]
2013-01-25   Software Freedom Conservancy financial statements  More  More  [PDFs]
2013-02-02   GPL compliance panel  [WMA]  More
2013-02-02   What is derivative work under European copyright law? - Listen  [WMA]  More  [PDF]
2013-04-23   Software Freedom Conservancy's evaluation committee

2014-01-xx   Software Freedom Conservancy 2012 annual report  [PDF]
2014-01-08   Software Freedom Conservancy financial statements  More  More  [PDFs]
2014-03-31   Karen Sandler joins Conservancy's management team
2014-10-31   Software Freedom Conservancy's petition for “Smart” TVs DMCA exemptions  More  [PDF]
2014-11-07   Software Freedom Conservancy, Free Software Foundation announce

2015-03-05   VMware sued for failure to comply with the GPL  More  PDFs:  More  More
2015-03-05   VMware update to Mr. Hellwig's legal proceedings - See document
2015-03-22   GPL enforcement, VMware lawsuit  [YouTube]  More  [PDF]

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