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From: (Randy Terbush)
Subject: Announcing: Apache-1.0 Release
Date: 1995/12/04
Message-ID: <>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 121152129
organization: Zyzzyva Enterprises
newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix

Announcing: *Apache 1.0*!

December 2, 1995: 

  The Apache Group formally announces the availability of Apache 1.0.0, a
free, public domain web server for the Unix family of operating systems. 
Apache is available in full C source code, and binary releases are available
for the most common systems.  Apache has been in use for the past few months
on several major web sites, and has been heavily battle-tested with the aim
of providing maximum performance.  Apache 1.0.0 presents no major
advancements over the 0.8 family, but it does represent a lot of bug fixes. 

  To obtain the release, go to the home page at .
You can download it from there, or select one of many mirror locations.  Full
documentation is available on those web sites, including a very attractive
postscript manual. 

  Of particular interest, SSL support has been integrated into Apache by two
vendors (one in the US, one in the UK), and a port to OS/2 has been
completed.  In a recent Netcraft web server survey[1], Apache was shown to
be the fastest-growing web server in installation share - currently #2 in
the ".com" domain, and #1 in the "" domain. 

  Support for Apache comes in several different flavors.  Members of the 
Apache Group and many Apache users monitor the USENET newsgroup 
"comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix", and are willing to answer questions 
there.  Furthermore, two mailing lists exist to support users - an 
apache-announce mailing list (, "subscribe 
apache-announce") for information about new releases, bug fixes, etc., 
and an apache-users mailing list (, "subscribe 
apache-users") for general questions and discussion.  A list of 
companies which provide commercial contract support for Apache is being 
built - send mail to if your company is interested in 
providing this service and being listed.

  If you are interested in helping the Apache Group develop the world's 
fastest and most featureful free public domain web server, send mail to  

[1] - < URL:>

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