Apache Group Announces the World's Most Popular Webserver

INTERNET - April 3, 1996 - The Apache Group today announced that their popular webserver, Apache, was found by the Netcraft Web Server Survey to be the most popular server on the Internet. The latest Netcraft survey found that Apache and its derivatives claimed a 29% marketshare as of April 1st, making it more used than any other webserver on the market. The NCSA server, which had previously held the number one position, now holds a 26% share of webservers surveyed.

Speaking of Apache's competition in the packed World Wide Web server arena, Apache Group developer Alexei Kosut remarked, "While commercial servers are limited by profit margins and corporate politics, a free server like Apache is limited only by the imagination." In fact, the Apache Group is working furiously on a new version of their server, which Kosut promises will have "more new features than you can shake a stick at."

Sameer Parekh, President of Community ConneXion, Inc., commented on the Apache server's suitability for high-security applications, "Time and time again security incidents on the Internet have shown the importance of having source code available for the deployment of secure Internet and Intranet applications. Apache is an excellent example of the kind of product which is suitable for high security applications, since the source is provided with the product allowing full scrutiny of its implementation."

Apache is now being backed by full commercial support by a number of companies.  Mark Cox, Technical Director of UK Web Ltd., commented "Sometimes organisations are hesitant to use unsupported software, but with commercial support they can have the peace of mind they require."

"The Netcraft Web Server Survey has become a huge exercise in network exploration" said Mike Prettejohn, director of Netcraft, a British internet services company, "we are learning a great deal". The April Netcraft Survey found more than one hundred fifty thousand servers on the Internet, and the full survey results can be reached at http://www.netcraft.co.uk/Survey/.

The Apache Group is a collection of volunteers dedicated to the development of a high-quality webserver for deployment throughout the World-Wide-Web. The Apache Group prides itself on the available source, open development environment, and fast bugfix turnaround. Information, documentation, binaries, and source for Apache is available from the Apache Server's main web site, at http://www.apache.org/