Open Source Risk Management

Working Group Meeting

January 22, 2004

New York City
The Redeye Grill

6:00 pm

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Open Source Risk Management (“OSRM”) provides corporate users of Free/Open Source Software with risk management products and services designed to assess, mitigate, certify and indemnify against risks associated with copyright, patent and trade secret claims and associated litigation and business interruption costs.

OSRM's Vendor-Neutral Indemnified Certification Program allows corporate legal counsels and technology professionals to manage the risks associated with the use of Free/Open Source Software in much the same way that they manage their other corporate risks – regardless of distribution or code customization.

Free/Open Source Software users seeking indemnification today are faced with numerous challenges.

How do they obtain indemnification……

OSRM's comprehensive risk management offerings provide corporations with a customizable solution to best fit their organization's use of Free/Open Source Software. Whether your company is a long time user of GNU/Linux or evaluating Open Source for the first time, our offerings help you best manage your risks both now and into the future.

OSRM provides its customers with numerous unique features by making its indemnification available……

1) Working Group – OSRM leads a Working Group composed of CIOs and General Counsels from Global 1000 companies and leading proponents of GNU/Linux in the enterprise. The Group serves as a valuable means by which leaders share best practices among peers and remains critical in providing feedback and direction on OSRM's offerings. Contact for more information.

2) Risk-Mitigation Services - OSRM provides risk-mitigation strategies to users of Free/Open Source Software. Examples include methods for automated open-source license management that allow for quick identification and “swap-out” of potentially problematic code, and suggested minimum “clean-room” software development standards for internal as well as outsourced development teams.

3) Risk-Assessment Services – OSRM focuses on analyzing and identifying sections of code in use that pose potential future litigation risks and provides associated recommendations. In the case of actual legal challenges to the use of certain code, OSRM makes recommendations of appropriate responses to those challenges.

4) Vendor-Neutral Indemnified Certification – In conjunction with the risk-mitigation and risk-assessment services OSRM provides a Vendor-Neutral Indemnified Certification for internal processes and code base in use. Substantial indemnification against current and future risks is provided upon OSRM Certification. This indemnification provides for legal defense, software liability, software replacement and some business interruption expenses. The amount of and cost for Certification will vary depending upon the size, scope and type of Free/Open Source Software in use.

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