Personal Computers - Commodore & Atari

1976-09-08   Warner signs pact to purchase Atari - See document  More  [PDFs]

1977-05-16   Retailers, electronics companies are about to create a new household appliance
1977-08-25   Computers find a home  More  [PDFs]  More
1977-09-16   Trading in Commodore International is halted  More  [PDFs]
1977-10-xx   Commodore's PET computer  More  [PDFs]

1978-01-12   When computers come home  More  More  [PDFs]  More
1978-03-xx   PET 2001, user's report  [PDF]
1978-10-09   Home computers: Moving in on the middle class  More

1979-02-xx   Atari computers  [PDF]
1979-04-16   Surviving a microcomputer shift
1979-09-04   Atari to introduce two personal computer systems
1979-11-xx   Atari ad  [PDF]

1980-02-25   Personal computer boom opens niche for software creators
1980-08-xx   WordPro ad  More  [PDFs]
1980-09-xx   Atari ad  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1980-09-xx   VisiCalc ad  More  [PDFs]
1980-10-xx   VisiCalc now runs on PETs and Atari machines  [PDF]
1980-12-01   Customizing personal computers  More  More  More

1981-06-15   Atari's bet on home computers  More  [PDF]
1981-08-05   Commodore to manufacture computer
1981-10-xx   Atari ad  More  More  [PDF]
1981-10-19   Commodore ad  More  [PDF]

1982-01-06   Commodore to introduce microcomputers  More  More
1982-06-xx   Atari ad  More  More  [PDFs]
1982-10-xx   Commodore ad  [PDF]
1982-11-xx   Commodore status report  [PDF]
1982-12-14   New computer is offered by Atari
1982-12-19   Changes at Atari

1983-01-06   Commodore to introduce products
1983-07-08   Chief is replaced at troubled Atari
1983-08-21   Guide to computers now leading the market
1983-11-10   Atari raises computer prices  [PDF]

1984-01-13   Jack Tramiel of Commodore resigns  More
1984-05-03   Atari scientist switches to Apple
1984-07-03   Warner sells Atari to Jack Tramiel
1984-07-13   Commodore trade secrets
1984-08-16   Commodore deal with Amiga set  More  More  More
1984-08-21   Atari Corp sues Amiga Corp   More

1985-01-07    Atari, Commodore target IBM, Apple  More
1985-02-10   Jack Tramiel dreams big again  [PDF]
1985-03-xx    Two new color computers from Atari  More  [YouTube]
1985-04-18   Statement in response to lawsuit brought by Atari
1985-04-12   Commodore's new computers  More  [YouTube videos]
1985-07-09   520 ST
1985-07-23   Amiga Personnel Computer  More  More  PDFs:  More  More
1985-08-22   Commodore layoffs

1986-01-xx   The Atari 520ST  [PDF]
1986-01-08   Commodore Atari square off in computer battle
1986-01-09   1040ST  More  [PDF]
1986-02-xx   Tripos - The Roots of AmigaDOS  [PDF]
1986-06-02   Commodore C64 with GEOS and programs  More

1987-01-08   Mega ST
1987-02-24   Amiga 500 and 2000  More  More
1987-03-24   Atari, Commodore settle
1987-11-02   Atari introduces PC clones

1988-06-20   Jack Tramiel has Atari turned around, halfway
1988-11-14   Amiga 2500  More
1988-11-14   Commodore announces MS-DOS personal computers

1990-04-24   Amiga 3000  More  More

1992-09-11   Amiga 4000
1992-11-17   Amiga 1200

1993-03-19   Amiga 4000-030

1994-04-29   Commodore declaring bankruptcy
1994-11-07   Sale of remaining assets of Commodore International

1995-03-09   Commodore trademark was sold
1995-04-21   Escom submitted a bid of $6.6 million for Commodore

1996-07-06   Trading at Escom under review
1996-07-15   Computer retailer Escom files for bankruptcy  More

1997-03-27   Gateway 2000 acquires assets of Amiga Technologies GmbH  More

1999-09-10   Seems Gateway isn't the friend Amiga fans thought it was  More  More

2000-06-22   The return of a desktop cult classic  More

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