Personal Computers - IBM

1981-08-12   Personal computer announced by IBM  More
1981-08-17   IBM Personal Computer ad  More  More  [PDFs]

1982-01-xx   A closer look at the IBM Personal Computer  [PDF]
1982-01-01   Intel 80186, Intel 80286 - See document  [PDF]
1982-02-xx   Battle of the operating systems
1982-03-xx   IBM Personal Computer ad  More  [PDFs]
1982-05-17   IBM reduces cost for some attachments, raises capacity

1983-01-19   IBM begins marketing its personal computer in Europe
1983-03-08   IBM introduces second personal computer
1983-04-18   IBM Personal Computer XT ads  More  [PDFs]
1983-08-15   IBM's Personal Computer spawns an industry
1983-08-21   Guide to computers now leading the market
1983-11-01   IBM unveils PCjr Personal Computer  More  [PDF]  More  More

1984-02-16   IBM Portable Personal Computer
1984-07-xx   dBASE III: Relational database for 16-bit computers
1984-07-11   Compaq Computer ad  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1984-08-14   IBM unveils PC  More
1984-08-16   IBM Personal Computer AT ad  [PDF]
1984-09-xx   Word processing revisited  [PDF]
1984-10-xx   The IBM PC AT  [PDF]
1984-11-xx   IBM graphics displays, adapters improve resolution
1984-12-xx   Local area networks for the IBM PC  [PDF]
1984-12-xx   WordPerfect software review  [PDF]

1985-01-xx   MicroPro enhances WordStar
1985-01-xx   WordPerfect ad  More  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1985-01-27   Old hand takes IBM helm - See document
1985-03-19   IBM drops PCjr production
1985-04-26   Personal computers on campus
1985-07-xx   WordPerfect 4.0 ad  More  More  [PDFs]
1985-07-01   Akers joining Times Board - See document
1985-08-21   Microsoft and IBM join forces - See document  More
1985-10-15   IBM adds 10 megabytes to AT
1985-10-16   Intel 80386DX - See document
1985-10-17   IBM Personal Computer AT ad  [PDF]
1985-11-xx   Adding a hard disk to the PC AT  More  [PDFs]

1986-03-25   Opel era at IBM ends June 1 - See document
1986-04-07   IBM: Behind the monolith - See document  More  More  More  More  More  More
1986-04-21   IBM: Trying to out all the pieces together - See document  More
1986-05-13   Higher-quality IBM 'clones' put new pressure  More  More  More
1986-07-09   IBM cuts prices of personal computers in response 'clones'  More
1986-08-10   The pressure build at Big Blue - See document
1986-09-02   IBM introduces PC XT Model 286
1986-09-13   Early retirement is offered by IBM - See document  More

1987-04-02   IBM Personal System/2
1987-04-03   IBM Personal System/2 ad  More  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1987-09-24   IBM PS/2 and Microsoft Windows  [YouTube]
1987-11-03   IBM announces early shipment of Operating System/2  More

1988-01-29   A broad decentralization at IBM - See document  More
1988-04-01   SAA: IBM's vision of the future - See document
1988-06-03   IBM adds 7 computers
1988-06-03   IBM Personal System/2 ad  More  [PDFs]
1988-06-17   Intel 80386SX - See document
1988-06-30   IBM set to close 5 factories
1988-08-19   IBM suffering in PC's despite its new line
1988-09-13   PC industry to announce Extended Industry Standard Architecture - See document
1989-10-03   IBM to cut work force - See document
1988-10-31   IBM Ships OS/2 Standard Edition 1.1, Presentation Manager  More

1989-04-11   Intel 80486DX - See document
1989-05-17   IBM software to integrate systems  More

1990-09-xx   The creation of the IBM PC
1990-09-24   Rift on software arouses concerns  More  More
1990-10-15   Intel 80386SL - See document
1990-10-30   IBM introduces family of 486-based PS/2s
1990-11-17   IBM rethinks - See document
1990-11-12   IBM names Robert Corrigan to head personal-computer business
1990-11-29   OS/2 1.21  [YouTube]

1991-02-23   The romance ends for IBM and Microsoft
1991-03-26   IBM announces PS/2 laptop computer
1991-04-15   IBM briefings outline OS/2 strategies and directions
1991-04-23   IBM delivers 486 SX systems
1991-05-23   IBM wants its managers to encourage certain workers to leave - See document
1991-05-29   Akers to IBM employees: Wake up! - See document  More  More  More  More
1991-06-17   As markets change, can Big Blue remake its culture? See document  More
1991-06-19   IBM's chief criticizes staff again - See document  More  More
1991-06-24   Apple gets hardware. IBM gets software - See document  More
1991-07-03   Apple and IBM outline technology initiatives for the 1990s - See document
1991-07-15   IBM promised a way to link all of its machines. That was 1987 - See document
1991-07-18   When IBM's big guns won't do
1991-07-26   IBM employees respond to John Akers' criticisms - See document  More
1991-08-02   Executives are shifted by IBM
1991-08-08   IBM PC marks first decade  More
1991-08-12   IBM celebrates 10th anniversary of the IBM Personal Computer
1991-10-xx   Macintosh vs. Windows PCs - See document  [PDF]
1991-10-02   Apple, IBM finalize milestone technology alliance - See document  More  More  More  More
1991-11-26   IBM announces actions to further streamline company - See document
1991-12-02   How an IBM attempt to regain PC lead has slid into trouble
1991-12-05   IBM announces operational changes - See document  More  More  More  More  More  More

1992-01-18   IBM had $2.8 billion loss - its first - in '91 - See document  More
1992-02-26   Software detente for IBM
1992-03-27   IBM is offering workers prizes to hawk OS/2
1992-03-31   OS/2 Version 2.0
1992-03-31   IBM must play catch-up with Microsoft as it begins to ship software
1992-05-10   Slogging up PC hill at IBM
1992-05-22   IBM rights to future Windows code expire '93  More
1992-06-28   IBM and Microsoft settle operating-system feud  More
1992-08-17   IBM is setting its PC business loose  More  More
1992-09-16   IBM OS/2 2.0 32-Bit Graphics Engine and Win-OS/2 Version 3.1 Beta Program  More
1992-09-21   It's PCs vs. mainframes, even at IBM - See document
1992-12-16   IBM aims to cut 25,000 more jobs - See document  More  More

1993-01-20   IBM's $5 billion loss highest in American corporate history - See document  More
1993-01-26   IBM Chairman John F. Akers announces CEO search - See document  More
1993-02-15   IBM implements transition program - See document  More
1993-03-26   Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. to become Chairman and CEO of IBM - See document  More
1993-04-05   In Poughkeepsie, a bitter family breakup - See document
1993-05-18   OS/2 Version 2.1  More
1993-05-27   From Gates, a cheer for IBM
1993-07-02   IBM is planning $2 ´billion charge to slash jobs - See document
1993-07-15   Number of diskettes in OS/2 2.1 package reduced
1993-08-16   Inside the disaster at IBM
1993-09-16   Microsoft, IBM to finalize divorce Friday  More  [PDF]
1993-10-14   Rethinking IBM - See document  More
1993-11-09   OS/2 2.1 Special Edition for use with Windows Version 3.1  More
1993-12-20   Intel Pentium performance  [YouTube]

1994-02-01   IBM PC Company enhances its PS/2 56 and 57
1994-07-15   IBM delivers OS/2 for Symmetrical Multiprocessing
1994-10-11   OS/2 Warp  More  More  More
1994-11-07   Hardware Reference Platform agreement reached - See document
1994-12-01   IBM system crash - See document

1995-01-09   IBM's comeback team - See document  More
1995-03-09   IBM unveils new SMP PC servers
1995-05-17   OS/2 Warp Connect  More
1995-07-31   Transcript of Lou Gerstner's remarks to securities analysts
1995-08-21   IBM, Microsoft feud roils a trade show
1995-09-08   IBM announces changes in Software Group  More
1995-10-30   The view from IBM  More
1995-11-15   IBM outlines 1996 plans and strategy for OS/2 Warp family

1996-02-26   OS/2 Warp Server Version 4
1996-09-17   IBM adds SMP capabilities to OS/2 Warp Server
1996-09-25   OS/2 Warp 4  More  More

1998-05-05   IBM outlines roadmap for OS/2 server family
1998-09-14   IBM exploring potential sale of its Global Network - See document  More

1999-03-25   IBM PC unit loses $992M. CEO declares end of PC era  More  More
1999-10-01   IBM's secret Linux summit - See document

2000-04-11   Support and features for IBM OS/2 and IBM OS/2 Warp Server  [PDF]
2000-04-19   IBM OS/2 strategy for 2000  More  [PDF]

2001-03-31   IBM Web Browser for OS/2
2001-06-01   OS/2 strategy for 2001
2001-10-01   Whatever happened to OS2?

2002-06-03   Hitachi, IBM reach agreement on hard disk drive operations  More

2004-12-07   Lenovo to acquire IBM Personal Computing Division

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