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1975-09-xx   'Choose a microprocessor' - See document  [PDF]
1975-11-xx   Reply to 'Choose a microprocessor'  [PDF, page 3]
1975-11-xx   Altair user's group - See document  [PDF, page 2]

1976-01-31   An open letter to hobbyists  More  More  [PDFs]

1977-09-xx   Microsoft announces 8080 Fortran compiler  [PDF]
1977-12-xx   Microsoft ad  [PDF]

1979-01-xx   Microsoft (Bellevue WA) ad  More  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1979-10-xx   8086 card ad - See document  More  [PDFs]

1980-01-xx   Microsoft ad  More  More  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1980-01-xx   Intel SDK-86, microcomputer kit with 8086 processor - See document  [PDF]
1980-01-12   Delays in the microprocessor revolution - See document
1980-06-xx   Microsoft Z-80 SoftCard ad  More  [PDFs]
1980-07-xx   Z80 softcard for Apple II computer  [PDF]
1980-07-xx   Companies jumping on Unix bandwagon - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
1980-08-xx   86-DOS operating system ad - See document  More  [PDFs]
1980-10-xx   Intel 8088 ad - See document  More  [PDFs]
1980-11-xx   Microsoft signs Unix agreement - See document  More  [PDFs]

1981-01-xx   Microsoft RAMCard ad  [PDF]
1981-01-06   Microsoft licenses 86-DOS  [PDF]
1981-03-xx   Microsoft Z-80 SoftCard ad  More  [PDF]
1981-06-xx   Microsoft and Xenix Standard Operating Environment - See document  [PDF]
1981-07-27   Microsoft purchases rights to 86-DOS  [PDF]

1982-06-xx   Move CP/M-86 programs to CP/M and MS-DOS  [PDF]
1982-06-xx   MS-DOS v CP/M, advantages and disadvantages  [PDF, page 2]
1982-07-xx   Comparison of CP/M 86 and MS-DOS  [PDF]
1982-11-xx   Microsoft ad  More  More  [PDFs]

1983-01-xx   Microsoft SoftCard ad  [PDF]
1983-04-xx   Xenix now standard on TRS-80 Model 16 - See document
1983-05-09   A software whiz kid goes retail
1983-06-xx   An inside look at MS-DOS  [PDF]
1983-06-28   Tandy executive made president at Microsoft  [PDF]
1983-07-xx   Mouse for IBM PC
1983-08-xx   The future of software design  [PDF]
1983-09-xx   Microsoft Mouse ad  [PDF]
1983-12-23   Microsoft seeks to raise its image among users

1984-01-xx   Microsoft Word ad  [PDF]
1984-02-xx   Evaluating word-processing programs - See document  [PDF]
1984-08-xx   New MS-DOS versions of Pascal, FORTRAN, and C
1984-09-xx   Word processing revisited  [PDF]

1985-02-05   Microsoft's offer too good to pass up
1985-03-xx   Microsoft releases its own C compliler

1986-02-xx   Microsoft ad  [PDF]
1986-07-21   Inside the deal that made Bill Gates $350,000,000

1987-09-24   IBM PS/2 and Microsoft Windows - Watch video  [YouTube]
1987-04-13   The billion-dollar whiz kid
1987-08-31   Circuit board by Microsoft  More
1987-09-25   Microsoft's Gates uses products and pressure to gain power in PCs
1987-10-02   Microsoft Word  [YouTube]

1988-07-21   Microsoft Bookshelf  [YouTube]
1988-09-26   DEC's David Cutler resigned - See document  More
1988-11-28   David Cutler has joined Microsoft to lead advanced OS software  More

1989-04-23   Inside Microsoft - A 'velvet sweatshop' or a high-tech heaven?
1989-10-30   'Microsoft is like an elephant rolling around, squashing ants'
1989-11-29   Future versions of DOS  [PDF]
1989-12-15   Microsoft Systems Design Review  [PDF]

1991-01-16   Playing hardball in software business
1991-05-06   David Cutler: Orchestrating Microsoft's forthcoming operating system
1991-08-04   One day, Junior got too big  More
1991-09-04   Rick Rashid, Mach System developer, joins Microsoft as Director of Research
1991-10-07   Bill Gates 2nd-richest man in US

1992-06-28   Microsoft's unlikely millionaires
1992-07-12   Mr. Cutler's gift to PC users

1993-xx-xx   See Mac - Microsoft; OS/2 - Microsoft; Windows

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